Saturday, September 1, 2012


A Round Table Challenge

Vanish without saying a word
Disappear and never explain
Combust all hopes and dreams
Then, drag me where no one wants to be.
Control the winds that take me away
Block the current where i float aimlessly
Unclog all thoughts that haunt me
Then, heal the wounds that marred me
Sing a song
Dance like you’ve never done before
Drink alcohol and puff another smoke
Then, punch something until your blood pour.
Clarify all ironies.
Remove the metaphors that were confusing
Comprehend the words said
Then, utter the phrases we both want to hear.
Remember how we both feel
Reminisce how happy we were
Let memory be a bitch
Then, make it remind us all the bad things.
Destroy the wall where I fence you in
Stay outside and never go back again
for the vagueness of how complicated we were
Created a monster in me that I can’t even portray





5: The Mean Reds

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  1. ganda dramatic angas ng pagkakagawa

  2. I like it. Read it aloud and it didn't sound awkward or tone-ish like those poems we read in grade school.

  3. Hahaha. Glad you liked it. Thanks Rei.

  4. i can almost imagine how you were feeling writing this one :D but you know, lj, i think i want to be an adjective rather than a verb though i know a verb is sometimes more important than an adjective.

  5. I prefer verbs. Action speaks louder than words. Well, I wrote this two weeks ago when I was still going through crappy stuff. It was tough then, fortunately, I am smiling now. :D

  6. everything seemed a bit fluffy until we got to bitch, which i found jarring....

  7. Well, it started fluffy, LOF. :D

  8. Ganda gawing Kanta nito. heheheh

  9. wow.... salamat po kung ganun. tinatawagan ang mga music geeks na pwede maglagay ng tono sa piece na ito. LOLS.

  10. =P there just seemed to be something split about it. the words seemed to hover over the feeling (hence fluff) although bitch was just jarring

  11. hmm... the feeling is really split. I guess I want to illustrate how complicated we both feel, then we just ended up bitching up on each other. :D