Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For One More Day

By Mitch Albom

Who would have thought that I am already at Book 34 for 2012? LOL. I discovered the book, on Bagotilyo’s Bookshelf. It got my attention right away. Knowing that it is Mitch Albom and reading one of his books before, I know this is something worth reading.

What is it: For One More Day talks about a man named Charley. Charley decided to kill himself, and while he is on that process, he was able to spent another day with his Mother who died eight years ago.

What I like about it: This one is an easy. I finished this one while my nose is giving up on me due to my irritating colds. LOL.

The book will make you appreciate Mothers more. It will make you understand their sacrifices and you will learn to value all of their hard work. There were parts where Albom talks about the moments where Charley’s Mom stood up for him and where Charley never stood up for his mother, and it melts my heart knowing that sometimes, I also never stood up for my own Mother.

For One More day will make you realize how important time is. In a day where he spent it with his Mother, he realized a lot of things, and after that incident, he learned to value the things that matters. The book will teach you that you can still change. No matter how fucked-up everything seems to be, you can still pull yourself together.

Though the book has a serious story on it, I appreciate that it doesn’t feel like the world is collapsing on me (hello, PM! lol) while reading it.

What I don’t like about it: Come to think of it, I really cannot find anything I don’t like about it. I think I will just pass on this one.

You guys should really read this. A lot of my friends already did, and believe me, you will appreciate this more than anything.

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  1. thats a nice and unique plot i guess i mean i dont read book so i cant judge haha

  2. Better start reading na, Mecoy. There are so many books, but so little time. :D

  3. you know what, lj. i'm sold. i will read this, you gave me a copy right? btw, i posted a book review today too. tell me if you want a copy. i'm very interested to see what you think of gideon cross against THE christian grey (who happens to be mine and i'm not sharing. LOL).

  4. Glad to know your sold! Yeah, I sent you a copy of it. I also find a ebook of The Rise of Nine, I can download it for you, if you want. :D

    I just read your review and now, I am doubtful, I am really not sure if you are suggesting the book so that I will just choose Gideon over Christian, you sneaky little you. LOL. But I would love to have a copy. BTW, where is your review of Fifty Shades Freed? :D

    I recently downloaded The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, the title intrigues me. I also have another Mitch Albom book to read.

    Here's to amazing books we would love to talk about! :D

  5. the book i was talking about is looking for alaska, not bared to you. i have a kindle copy but idk how to convert it so i can't send it to you yet. i have not read freed. i really don't think i can. sigh.

  6. Hmm, is kindle on .epub? I found a converter online from epub to pdf. Yeah, I also find the Alaska book pretty interesting. :D