Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie

My officemates and I decided to watch The Girl with the Golden Tattoo after our shift. It was also the time I found out that the movie was graded R-18. It felt stupid calling megamall then having the phone operator told you that their movie was not available on any SM branches. Shameful.

After reading the book, I was aware that I should not expect much. Having seen a lot of movies that comes from book, I know that the movie will be rushed, certain parts of the book will not be brought into detail, and knowing how tragic the book may be, some parts will be hard to watch. I was even covering my eyes on some parts because it was way too much to watch. It was like eeww much. :p

But it was a good decision reading the book first before even watching it. Aside from you will know when to cover your eyes on the disgusting parts, you will be able to tell how different the movie was from the book. There was a part where they really change the plot. It was way different from the book. It was frustrating to a certain degree but I understand.

I love Rooney Mara! She really gave justice to the strong and weird character of Lisbeth. She was charming in a corky and weird way. Take a look at how she transformed,


Boom! :)

Daniel Craig was hot. <period>

The Girl with the Dragon tattoo is really recommended. Better watch it without popcorn. :P

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