Friday, February 10, 2012

Versant Test

To quote Wiki, the Versant suite of tests is a computerized test of spoken language available from Pearson. Versant tests were the first fully automated tests of spoken language to use advanced speech processing technology (including speech recognition) to assess the spoken language skills of non-native speakers.

Versant Test is a common exam if you are aiming to have a career in the Call Center Industry.

I just took one this morning. It was for a company that kept on calling me regarding my pending application before. Though I really have no plans of resigning, I was sure that they will not stop until I just show up on their office.

So I just decided to go to their office and just fail the exam, that way, they will stop calling me again.

The Versant Test was done over the phone, and it was divided into several parts. First, you have to read a sentence on a sheet of paper. Next, you have to repeat what will the voice said. Third, a simple question and answer kind of exam where a voice will ask you something and all you just need to do answer it. Then you will be given jumbled phrases that you need to construct into a complete sentence. Story telling comes after; you will be given 30 seconds to summarize a story. Last will be the open questions part, you just have to answer a question in 40 seconds. It was like a final question in the Ms. Universe. Haha.

It sounds easy at first but honestly, it was challenging. You may think that all you have to do is just to listen to the voices and follow the instruction, but it was really more than that. For beginners in the industry, the exam may seem overwhelming because they have American speakers doing most of the talking. It will be tough if you are not familiar with how Americans say their language. If you have an experience being in a call center, you may find the exam easy but it is not always a guarantee.

Until now, I can’t believe I even passed it.

The key to passing the exam is really to listen well. Know the instructions religiously and make sure you are ready before even dialing the telephone. Grammar is also important, especially on the jumbled phrases part. What I did was just to follow the pattern that we all learned during our English class, subject followed by the verb, then followed by the predicate. I think that helped. For the story telling part, concentrate on the story and what it was all about, details were also important so just make sure that you focus more on the important details. When answering the open questions, do not rush. Remember that you are being graded for every word that you will say how you will say it, and whether you will say it correctly. Compost your sentence very well and make sure that the tenses are correct.

It was a fun exam. Challenging at some parts, but fulfilling when you pass. :p


  1. "So I just decided to go to their office and just fail the exam, that way, they will stop calling me again.">>>Napa-tambling ako dito, LJ hahaha! Nag-effort ka pumunta intending to fail the exam hahaha

    Magaling ka sa speech kaya ka pumasa. Speech is my waterloo talaga. Aside from the fear of speaking in front of other people, Bisaya rin kasi ang English ko hahaha.

    1. hahaha. minsan ganun lang talaga, ms n. pero pumasa pa din, hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko. haha! :)

      thank you sa kind words, magaling daw sa english ang mga bisaya. napatunayan ko na yan, ilang daming beses na.