Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prinsesa’s Anatomy

Last December, I remember joining this blogger exchange gift. It was one of the most memorable thing that I’ve done last year. Meeting a fellow blogger for the first time and being able to get a cool orange tie is really superb.

Aside from that, because of the exchange gift, I get to know PM.


PM is really a good writer. Her blog is really one of my favorites. Since our gift giving activity, I always make it a point to check her page and read all her recent posts. PM influenced me a lot, from creating a Bucket List, up to making sure that I will get a copy of the book she read, there was also a time where I want to study baking because I want to create my own version of No Baked Lemon Pie, where I will use oranges of course.

She just don’t write well, she always make sure that you are always welcome on her blog. It really means a lot to me when I comment on something, the blogger will even take time to reply on a comment. PM never fails, I always see her blog comments in sky rocketing numbers because aside from the fact that a lot of people read her stuff, she always replies on comments.

PM is also a reader of my blog which makes me feel conscious and nervous sometimes. Knowing how good a writer she is and how so so my posts can get, I should be very thankful because of her presence on my page.

Well, PM always knows how much I appreciate her. From the comments to my blog to her replies on my comments, PM will always be someone that I really look up to.

Its nice knowing that someone who has a post on a newspaper, who will take care of her boy friend in the hospital for week and who reads as fast as I am (I think) can seems to be so near, so accommodating, and be so humble. She rocks!

I am writing this because of PM's contest, she is celebrating her blog’s fourth year anniversary. I have no plans of indulging her, but knowing her and her blog makes me more honest with what I have said. PM will always deserves the praise and the attention that she is getting because she is not just a great blogger…


Thank you for being so nice to me, PM.

So for your Anniversary, pagpasensiyahan mo na ang post ko, ha? Alam kong di ka pa makakacomment, teehee…

Also, as a gift, The World’s Cutest Kitten! Un sabi sa video. Enjoy!


  1. wow so nice naman. post mong ito parang nakilala na rin kita at si musang.

    na-curious tuloy ako kung sino ba si prinsesa musang sa totoong buhay. hohoho

    mabuhay and happy blogging!

    1. I havent met her, but one thing is for sure, she is someone worth meeting. Thank you for the kind words.