Friday, February 3, 2012

The Greatest Love

I really don’t believe in office relationships. There is something about it that really gives me an eerie chill every time I think about it happening to me. I even told a friend once that I’d rather have a long distance relationship than have a partner who works with me in the same company.

However, I met my last ex in my previous company. Thanks to a program that allows people within the account chat with each other, we became closer. He will chat with me every time he has a question about his calls, then he will ask me about the things that I love. In return, I will ask him about his interests. Until one day, we were sharing lunch together, we will leave the building together, we smoke together, we share the same coffee mug during coffee breaks, and we became good friends.

From good friends, we then realized how bonded we were. We started sharing struggles and victories. The day I resigned from my previous company, even though it was his off, he went to the office to help me fix my things. He even gave me a caramel sundae because he knew that it will make the emo feeling disappear. He even told me that everything will be fine, that we’re lucky we were friends, but we will be more lucky if we will always have each other. That day, we became partners.

It is always nice being in love. Though we were working on different company and shifts, we always find time for each other. Waking up in the morning receiving a message saying that, “I’m on my way home, ingat ka pagpasok ha, call me pag lunch ka na, gigising ako. ily,“ always felt better than heaven. There were also nights when I have to stay up late in order to talk to him on his lunch break. I even changed my schedule for him, that way; we will be together on rest days. We both learned to compromise, understand and complement each other.

When we were together, we seldom go to malls. Malls makes us more tired. What we love doing is just staying at his room, him playing with his PSP and staying online with his laptop while I was busy reading a book. We also love watching series together, from Grey’s Anatomy to Prison break, we don’t mind even if we don’t sleep.

We were accepted by his family. His mom once even cooked my lunch. She once demanded that I should be there at their house on Sundays because it was family day. I love being with them.

Being both gay, our relationship were close to being perfect. We have everything that we need from each other; we were accepted by our friends and folks, we love each other very much.

But sometimes, all good stories must come to an end. Things happened and we moved on. We lasted for a year. I can say it was one of the best years in my life. We are still friends though, her mom still invites me on their Sunday lunch, and his siblings still ask me to help them with their assignments. We still share our victories and defeats; the only difference right now is there is no malice involved when we hug each other. :P

He was also the person who named me Orange. Haha. We were in his room one Saturday night and decided that we should get drunk. Then, we started arguing what we should drink; I wanted The Bar Orange Vodka while he wants to have The Bar Lemon and Lime Gin. It was a stupid conversation.

Me: Ayaw ko ng gin, mas masarap yung vodka kasi it has orange on it.

Him: pwede ba ako muna masusunod now. Gusto ko kasi ng lemon sa alak, hindi naman masarap ang orange we

Me: anong hindi. Mas masarap kaya ang orange kesa sa lemon, ang orange, may chances na matamis, ang lemon mo, maasim na forever.

Him: o sige ako na ang maasim ikaw na ang matamis.

Me: siyempre naman, ako yung orange ikaw yung lemon.

Him: okay, bibilhin ko nalang parehas orange ko.

Me: Sige, lemon ko.

Him: Love you, orange.

Me: Love you too, lemon.

Ang corny namin. Haha. Pero for now, Lemon will always be my greatest love. Though our love story ended, every single moment of it was worth it, definitely, no regrets. :)

Advance, Happy Valentines guys. :)


  1. aww... I've always thought office relationship is cute... now I need to backread what happened along the way... hehehehe snooping around lang home ya don't mind ☺

    1. salamat sa pagtiyatiyaga brian. definitely, i will definitely not mind.:)

  2. tama mali yan office relationship na yan lol orange at lemon pla ha hahahaha

    1. ngayong nagcomment ka, naisip ko kung bakit ko sinulat ito. hahaha. makakabawi ako sa iyo, for sure yan. :)