Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Wish list!

Thanks to Dormboy, I will be able to write something today. It was an idea by another blogger that I just discovered, and definitely I want to join.
If you want to be part of this awesome activity, just click this.
Here we go, ehem, All Orange want for Christmas:
Something small:  Key Chain. :)
Something big: Natawa ako dito, haha. Something big, Bagpack, with emphasis with the word BIG.
Something cute:  Anything Doraemon, I always find him cute. If you can get the real one, I will love you long time
Something soft: Pillow
Something techie:  Memory Stick.
Something fancy:  Neck Tie.
Something Blue Orange: Baseball Cap.
Something wearable: Boxers. Ayaw mo pa?
Something you need: Planner, though I don’t have much plans in life. I think a planner will change it.
Something you can use for work: Pen Holder.Photo Credit
Something sweet: Cotton Candy, yeay!
Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: Laptop, damn, I need a laptop!
Ayaw ko ng Orange, haha. This was fun. :D


  1. i love your list. it is doable and fun. i'm sure your partner will have a good knack shopping for you. i will contact you via email soon and stay glued on my litter box for the announcement of partners. thanks for joining!

  2. this is my first time on your blog, and i have to say it is very orange hehehehe best wishes on your wishes :D

  3. Kailangan puro orange?!@#$%^&* hahahaha :))

  4. @nyl: Ayaw... hahaha.

    @prinsesa: thank you so much for dropping by, its always nice having new people around. Well, I can't wait to meet my partner.

    @Danilo: Hello There! How are you? Haha... alam mo yan...

    @Chester: Haha... walang pakealaman. :)

    Salamat sa mga comments guys. :)

  5. orange na orange talaga. pati laptop orange din. hehehe.

    by the way, thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  6. Ang cute ng USB, boxer short, planner, cotton candy at laptop! :)

  7. @Eds! haha. Tama! Ayaw ko ng something blue, gusto ko something orange. I love your blog. Gusto ko yung background niya, kasi... orange din. :)

    @Elmer, haha... i super duper know. :)

  8. hi ya, it's me again! sent the email. please have a look! thanks!

  9. pwede fresh oranges na lang? hehe. good luck na lang sa mga kasali. :D

  10. natawa ko sa kulay. gusto ko man ng oooorrrange! yung orage laptop ang pinaka astigin

  11. Sir Mots, yan din ang pinakamahal. Pak na pak diba!

  12. hahaha! yung partner ko puro pink, ikaw puro orange. nice!

    pano kaya ipapadala yun cotton candy? ;)

  13. Hi Ayla, thanks for dropping by. :) much.

    Mare, pwede na rin ung cotton candy maker, hahaha... asaness.