Sunday, August 19, 2012


I was staring at my Facebook page trying to understand why my sister posted a picture of a motorcycle accident. It was bloody, disgusting and all together, eeew. LOL. When I realized that aside from her post, my timeline has been posted by so many things. And to make things worst, it was posted by people who I really have no idea about.

Blame Zynga for making me add so many people who were addicted to Citiville. I think that is the main reason why my Facebook has been cluttered by so many things. And since they are also foreigner, you will see someone shared a post on a different language. Why did I ever allow this to happen?

So before I even get late to work I started unfriending people. Since I no longer play any applications of Facebook, I deleted all the foreigners that I've met from the game.

After I removed all the people I met through several Facebook applications, I realized that there are still a lot of people I really cannot recognize. I realized when I was still joining clans, I added a lot of people, and when I left the clans, I never removed them on my friends list. For sure, some of them just add me because they want to brag about the number of friends that they have on their site, and if ever I  removed them, I guess it will not hurt losing one soul, right?

I also removed my former agents who never communicate with me for the past year. I also remove my office mates which I never talk to. Old school mates who I never even have one serious conversation. And lastly, I remove people who just brag about their lives on Facebook. I never unfriend my sister, though. Haha.

It was hard doing such. What if they found out, right? But I am sure that they will not feel bad about it,  since I don't know them, they also don't know me as well. And in my boring, weird life, I really cannot post anything interesting on Facebook so I am sure that they will not realize that I am no longer on their list.

I think I will just concentrate on how you define friends when adding someone on the site. My life has been a mess lately, and since I am trying my best to fix everything, I guess I will start with Facebook. It is time to remove the clutters on the site, first. :D

Yeah, I know, I can get nasty sometimes. :D


  1. Uhmmm... pwede mo namang i-set sa Settings na Only Important lang ang lalabas sa wall mo from your friends ah. No need to unfriend :)

    1. Inunfriend ko lang naman ang mga pakiramdam ko dapat iunfriend. :D

  2. Haha. Me too! I unfriend some people I don't know on their birthdays. It's difficult to track every single one of them din naman kasi..

  3. Sadly, Facebook is not that interesting for me anymore. I prefer Twitter right now. I hope things will get better for FB.

  4. Me too, Will.
    I remember when FB was really cool before and everyone was posting interesting stuff. Now, I really cannot understand it. Twitter is cool, though. :D

    ..Will's comment is Like and Approved (here in the office. :D)

  5. ive seen a lot of disgusting pictures at fb yucksss

  6. bago comment settings ha mecoy to ha

  7. haha... i remember paprica is the baby or mrs salt and mr pepper, from blue's clue. that is cute

  8. Disqus! Great choice. Thank God, no more CAPTCHAs.

    And omg, unfriending people on their birthdays? ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS? Haha. Gawain ko din yan. You are not alone (at being nasty). Rawr!

  9. Sabi nga ni PM, birds of the same feathers... You nasty you, hahaha! Saw your tumblr blog pala, ang daming magaganda, nakakatibo, Addie. :D

  10. You mean ang daming AKO na MAGAGANDA? Haha. Joketime. How do I find you on Facebook?

  11. LOLs. Naman, I think I already send you a request. :D Hmm... I think my settings is too messed up that people cannot even find me on FB. Haha. Check if you have a request coming from me, I will add you up tomorrow nalang. :D