Friday, August 24, 2012

Sta Mesa Chronicles

Life has ways to teach you valuable lessons that you will never forget. It can be a person, a thing, an experience or a place. For me, it is where I used to live while I started my battle with the antagonist named, the real world. Sta Mesa, Manila will always be meaningful for me.

pup, yey!

This is a place where all things go berserk. The place where I learned to smoke, to be responsible with every decisions,  to love and to mend a broken heart, to be more optimistic at everything, to be totally broke, to embrace my weirdness uniqueness, to learn my limits, to fight for my goals and to be more sensitive with everyone around me.

Independence can sometimes be a bitch. Staying with my family for almost all of my life and being in a house where I am the only guy, the first week of living alone was really weird. The first weekend where I have to wash my own clothes, the only thing on my mind was why the hell I am doing this?

Well, I was doing it for my dreams. Mom will not be able to send me to school anymore, unless I really figure something out. That motivated me to really suck everything in, and to just understand that good things come to people who work harder. It was really hard, believe me. Working at night then going to school in the morning will really squeeze all of your energy. My body really became skinny. There were days where I felt that my mind is just floating. I was taking exams while my mind pictured my bed. I was reviewing my notes in the office while talking to a bunch of Americans who doesn't know how to insert papers on Fax Machines. It was really crazy.

But what I love about freedom is it will really give you an opportunity to experience things. Learning new things is always sweet. Meeting new people who will eventually be part of your life is bliss.

And right now, I will share my our story in that amazing place. From all the people that I met, to the fun and nasty things we do, our silly conversations, jokes that will always be funny and a lot more. Get ready for boy encounters, and believe me, there are a lot. LOLs.

Get ready, friends, there are a lot. :D


  1. haha mukang exciting yan ha

  2. May milagro ka bang ginawa sa lagoon? Ahaha... Nice post bro!

  3. Napaisip tuloy ako, haha! Mayroon ba, sana wala naman. :D

  4. Sana nga exciting siya. Well, Sta Mesa has a lot of interesting people. :D

  5. Haha... Oo naman, lols. Nagbubuhat na ako ng bangko ko, :D