Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing From A to Z

Create a short story that is 26 sentences long. Each sentences must begin w/ letters of the alphabet. Include descriptions of people, places you'll go to, thing/activities that you will do, etc.

I got this message from Facebook a couple of days ago. It was another assignment that my landlady's son ask me to do. Before, when I thought that I will not be able to do it or if it will take too much of my time, I don't do it. But I find the assignment pretty interesting. :D It is challenging. It's difficult starting sentences with X and Z, LOL. What was more fun was the student need it by yesterday at three in the afternoon, I woke up at 2:00 pm, so imagine how much I rushed this one. It feels like being a student again. :D

I was able to finish it though, I am just not sure if it is good enough.

As the sky turn from blue to salmon, the waves of the Pacific turns from rough to tranquil. By the shore, a girl sat in one of the rocks. Crimson colour dress, hair black as the night sky, a face like an angel and with her sun kissed skin; it will be hard not to notice her.
During this time she sits on the rock, people think that she just love watching the waves but Brida has more reason to sit on her rock, stare at the vast ocean in front of her, and wait. 
Exactly a year ago, Brida met a boy named Francois. Francois came from the city and was visiting the town to start a family business. Generous, he is just generous. He makes sure that while his business is booming in the fishing village, all will also benefit from his success. In one of the town parties, he met Brida, and since that night they never been apart. Joy filled their hearts, Brida have the best days and the warmest of nights, and everything seems perfect until Francois left for the big city.
Knowing that she cannot join him, Brida waited. “Learn to be patient, he will be back, he promised” she keeps on telling herself. Man from her town started pursuing Brida but she never notices them. No one even make Brida forget Francois, all she know is that he promise that he will be back. Only she can understand what her heart is going through. “Promises are meant to be broken,” one of her suitors said. “Quit saying that, you are not him,” Brida replied.
Regrets start to cloud her thought, suppressing all the things she feel and now, she is starting to feel hopeless. Sincerity starts to fade and as Brida walk her way home, she felt something. Tears started to fell as the wind touch her face in a familiar, comforting, and glorious way. Understanding that her waiting came to an end, she whispers another goodbye to her Francois. 
“Voyage safe, my love, until we meet again,” She murmured. Winds touch her face again, embracing her, comforting her, and for the first time, she smiled. Xylophones were being played by her people; she hums the familiar tune while telling herself that she will let Francois go.
Yet, she still doesn’t know the truth. Zeus crashed Francois’ boat to the ocean floor a year ago.

So, how do you find it? Man, this was really tough. I don't even have a title for this, blame my landlady for rushing things. But it was fun.


  1. ang hirap naman ng homework na to! hindi ko alam kung kaya kong gumawa ng ganito. susubukan ko minsan, nakakaintriga eh! naisip ko hindi ba nahahalata ng teacher ng batang ito na hindi siya ang may gawa ng homework niya? yung kapatid ko kasi last time may short story homework din sa lit nila nagvolunteer akong gawin pero ayaw niya obvious daw kasi.

  2. True. Sumakit ang ulo ko kung pano ko sisimulan ang sentence sa letter X, sino ba naman kasi ang nagsisimula ng sentence using X diba? Kakastress... Oo nga subukan mo din, PM. For sure you will ace this!

    Hmm... Siguro if mahalata na hindi siya ang gumawa, labas na ako dun, kaso baka nagbabasa ng blog ko ang teacher niya, yari siya. LOLs

    2012/8/23 Disqus

  3. parang ang hirap ng homework na to para sa isang tao na kagaya kong candila ang utak,, malamang tunaw na utak ko kakaisip hindi ko pa nagagawa ang homework na to haha!

  4. Kaya mo yan Xan, kinaya ko nga we. Try mong gumawa ng short story gamit ang letters ng a to z. :)

  5. wow nice idea huh good luck lam ko kaya mo yan

  6. nastress ako sa homework ng teacher na ito! bakit nagiging ganito na ang mga homework ng mga estudyante ngayon? tapos grabe naman ang deadline, kinabukasan. ano yan, pilitin ba ang creative juices ng mga bata? sinong teacher yan, sino??

    PS.- mukhang nawiwili na talaga ang landlady mo na gawin kang taga-gawa ng homework ng anak niya. Singilin mo na sila ng tutorial fee, uy! :D

  7. Well, the project was done. :D

  8. I am glad hindi lang ako ang nakaramdam nito, well, ganoon na ata ngayon. May classmate ako na teacher na ngayon, ang pinapagawa sa mga students niya, online exam. Ang arte diba? :D

    Well, nung una binibigyan ako ng paunti unti parang pang internet daw something. Parang nakakadegrade kasi alam mo na parang un lang ang worth ng pagod mo, pero okay na rin, God will provide naman. :D

  9. @orangewit:disqus ahaha nagawa ko na magbigay ng online exam sa mga students ko before. I guess kanya-kanyang style or technique lang ang kailangan para ma-enganyo ang mga bata para mag-aral :)) naku ha, yang landlady mo... ewan ayoko na lang mag-react! kung ako yan, naku baka naaway ko na yan (ay ako nang war freak!). bilib lang ako sa kabaitan mo, ibang level lang. don't worry God will reward you ng bonggang-bongga :)

  10. Haha! Well, the world will always be a better place if someone will be nice enough. :d

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