Monday, August 8, 2011

The Accident

It was raining that dawn; I was standing in front of our house smoking. The morning was pretty ordinary, its cold like it’s always been. Then, I saw a fast motorcycle passed where I stood, after 10 seconds, I heard something clashed. I have idea of what might had happened that time, I said a little prayer then looked at the direction where the sound was coming from, and it was a sight that will not be easy to forget.

The motorcycle that passed my way was now down on the street floor. Its rider is also down. His limbs were in the middle of his motorcycle and the wet street floor. You will see in the Rider’s face that he was in excruciating pain. He looked disappointed, hurt and uncomfortable all at the same time. The poor fellow wasn’t able to get up right away, he was lucky that someone was in the street corner who helped him get up, put his motorcycle at the side of the road and ask him if he was okay. He sat there for a while; I wanted to go to him to ask him if he was okay or if he needed medical attention. But I just watched him from where I stand because I saw him already walking towards a tricycle, then he started to argue its driver.

From what I’ve heard the motorcycle was crossing our street’s intersection when this tricycle just appear on his left, the motorcycle rider lost its balance while the tricycle just lost its composure and hit the sidewalk hurting its drivers toe. I left them still arguing, they still cannot decide whose fault it was and how they will settle it. It was a more pitiful site compared to seeing the motorcycle driver on the street floor. I left because it was no use staying there and watching two people who doesn’t want to settle things.

After all the things that happened I really don’t understand why after an accident, an argument must occur. Maybe that is the problem with most of us, we always look for other’s fault that we failed to recognize our own flaws. That after all the unfortunate things that happened to us, we still have the strength to blame other people rather than to contemplate where we have gone wrong and correct things in a diplomatic way. It is really an attitude that all of us, including me, that needs polishing.

On the contrary, what was good about what happened was that it still nice to know that good people still exists. They may come in the most painful situation but they still do. So whatever accident you are into, never lose hope, one day, someone will pick you up on the wet street floor and will assist you until everything is okay.

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