Friday, August 12, 2011


I am currently reading Wikipedia’s entry about dreams. Lately, I’m dreaming a lot of things. My mom told me that when your dreaming it means that you are getting a good sleep which is good however my dreams bother me. I know that reading the wiki article will not even help me understand what are in my dreams. But I think understanding what dreams are will be a little help.

As per Wiki, the content of your dreams are not yet understood, sometimes you also forget what you dreamt of when you wake up. Dreams also have a scientific study, Freud also make a book about its interpretation.

How do my dreams bother me? Lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot of things associated with our old house or my old high school. I really cannot remember the details but it always happen, for example, this morning I dreamt that I was in my old high school, in my old classroom, with my old classmates, and all of us, we were trying to shield ourselves from a big storm. I know that it’s raining terribly and we are just there in our room, helping and comforting each other. Weird.

Up to this moment, I am still thinking why there are dreams and what dreams implies. But as per wiki, dreams are highly exaggerated forms of memories. So maybe I just remember my life in Muntinlupa a lot. I think I will just stick to that idea.

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