Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Writing

images (1) When I decided to religiously update my blog, it has been a struggle for me what will I post. I am still not sure what kind of blog am I trying to create. Eventually, I know we will get there. For the mean time, let’s just make Orange Wit a personal blog. To start things off, let me explain why I decided to create a blog.

Aside from practicing my writing skills, I want to be confident with it. I know I can write, however, I am not that confident with it. I know I am more of a speaker than a writer. That may explain the grammatical lapses and some words being omitted on sentences. Having no experience on writing, it has been a struggle. But thanks to the schools I’ve been into, I have a good foundation of English. Some of my post was not even on English, though it’s not an excuse, I think that will make my writing okay.

Like any other bloggers, I write because I want to express things. There are a lot of things in my minds that I want to share with others. It may be an experience, a story, a review and a criticism; as long as it is something worth sharing, I would love to post about it. Blogging also enables me to remember thing. I am planning to make this site a journal of things that matters to me. I want to have a record of things that are important to me.

I may not have readers or followers yet but eventually, we will get there. For the mean time, I will just try to post articles as much as I can. Write until I don’t have stuff to write about anymore. Express myself until all my opinions, view, angst, and joy are recorded. I may not have readers but having a reason to write still matters, for me, that is more important. Great things start from small beginnings, and this blog is just starting, so there is no need to rush. Let’s just take every single thing at a time, eventually, we will get there.

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