Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glee Project

I am a big fan of glee! Hands down, it’s one of the best shows ever. Unfortunately, it revolves around a high school glee club. High School ends in four years and at some point, people from the current cast need to graduate!

 Glee (1)

Enter the Glee Project!


Ryan Murphy, the producer of Glee created a reality show that will showcase the next glee star. I have been watching the show religiously and never missed a single episode. They started with twelve and after eight weeks, they are now down to four.

 20110724121315!Damian-mcginty-glee-project samuel-glee-project

alex-newell-glee-project  lindsay-pearce-glee-project

Damian, Samuel, Alex and Lindsay were able to survive the whole eight weeks of training to become one of the stars on Glee. They are all good but I am only rooting for one!


tumblr_lnr002OoFC1qlzw54o1_400 damian-mcginty--1882098823079913643 damian-mcginty-glee-project The-Glee-Project-ep3-Vulnerability-damian-mcginty-23226209-448-300

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