Monday, October 24, 2011


Its sad how bullying affect someone.

I'm proud to admit that I was bullied before, every time I remember all the things that I've been through when I was in Elementary and High School, I can't help but just laugh about it. 

Yes, it was painful. When I was on fourth grade, some of my classmates teased me because of the way my nose look. They said that it has the same shape of an elbow macaroni. By six grade, some of my classmates were irritated because I was doing good on school. They will say that I was "feeling" that I was smart, because I'd rather study than play with them. I thought it will be over when I stepped on High School, but it was worst, because some of the Popular kids were annoyed at me, why? I really don't know! It was worst because I really tried my best not to be noticed, I'd rather be alone and not bother with every thing that was going on around me, and still, some annoying teens will still make fun of me.

Well, I make it through. Though a lot of things has been said about me before, thanks to how my mom raised me well, I was able to cope and excelled through it. Maybe I was really mature for my age and I think differently. I knew back then that there were bigger problems life has to offer. When I was a kid, I think I did every thing right, I just concentrated on school and my dreams that I never focused on all the things that other people were doing. With all the negativity around me, I just concentrated on the happy and positive things, because they were worth thinking.

Yes, I make it through, and now, I am way stronger. I know that bullies exist in all age and sizes, they are every where, and I learned how to be more diplomatic and understanding, but definitely, I am more aggressive now. I learned how to fight. I don't become a better bully ha, what I just do is I give them more reason to be irritated with me. If they find me good, and they become insecure, I even strive harder, ganun lang. haha.

Bullying is not cool. It is something that I will never teach and encourage. Bullying is mean, and if there is something positive about it, it will be Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and a lot of other successful people who are super rich now that will testify how bullying change their life. It also change mine.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Thank God I never experience such a thing. When I see bullying portrayed in American films, I feel sorry for the bullied guy :(

  2. yeah, ganun naman talaga yun we. Salamat sa pagdaan elmer ha.