Thursday, October 20, 2011


I hate nightmares! Well, who doesn’t? The last time i've experience was a couple of days ago, it was weird, moving, sad and altogether, uncomfortable.

My grandmother joined our creator last December, it was also the last time I cried. We were not that close, but, we were okay. She was the typical grandma that will spoil her grandchild but will be the one who will be so mad if you do something out of the ordinary. Hence, I love her.

Grandma showed up on my dream. You’ve read it right; she appeared on my dream that eventually turned out to be a nightmare. I’m still wondering why it ended up that way. All I can remember was I woke up gasping for air, I don’t know what to do and it was really not easy sleeping again.

I still don’t understand why I reacted that way. She was my grandmother and I even acted like a scared mouse. I should be happy that all of the members of my extended family, I was the lucky one chosen to feel her presence. But, all I ended up was a coward individual not wanting to experience that again. Come to think of it, someone who is already dead will show up in front of you, will that be okay?

All I can remember was my Grandmother saying my middle name, over and over again. She also mentioned that she was having a hard time on something. Dreams will always be dreams; they will never be easy to understand.

I immediately called my cousin and she just said that I should have a mass service dedicated to her. Then, I called my mother who told me that since we are nearing All Souls Day, that maybe the reason why she paid me a visit. I then felt the sudden urge to go to Sariaya (in Quezon), hopefully I will do it next week.

Before I sleep, I just offered another prayer for my Grandmother, for her soul to have peace with our Lord. I also said an apology for over reacting, and I also promise to pay her a visit anytime soon.

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