Thursday, October 13, 2011

Four New Books


I bought four books last Saturday and they are all from my favorite author – Paulo Coelho!

1.Like the Flowing River.

I  started reading this one, it is a collection of stories and thoughts that will help you, inspire you, and make you love Paulo Coelho more. I just don’t know why my book’s cover is different from the one shown below, maybe because its a different publisher. I love the purple cover more.

2. The Winner Stands Alone.

Definitely, next in line! I am intrigued by this book, it is set in Cannes and revolves around the lives of Movie Stars, I just can’t wait to start reading it.

3. The Pilgrimage

Paulo Coehlo’s first ever book, it recalls his experiences when he was on a pilgrimage on Northern Spain.

4. Brida

Brida is a story about a girl who wants to pursue magic. So far, this is what I know. Hahaha, exciting! Again, the one I purchased have a different cover, haist, bahala na nga!


Now I realize, I really don’t like Paulo Coehlo, I really don’t.


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