Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orange Chronicles: Joe

He woke up with a big smile on his face. There is no denying that he was still drowning with glee. His head ached terribly because of the party last night but he was so happy that he doesn’t mind it.
Joe still remembers everything that happened. They were introduced by a common friend, grabbed a lot of booze, danced like there was no tomorrow, and the kiss. How can I forget the kiss? The kiss was better than what Rachel and Finn shared the night they lost their nationals. It was way better than Prince’s kiss that woke up Snow White and Princess Aurora. It was the kiss of all kisses, the ultimate of the most ultimate, it was Joe’s best.
Another thought entered his mind and he cannot stop smiling again. Oh my, I am taken, yes Joe was taken. It was a mutual agreement between him and the guy he met last night. He then became excited. Thoughts started entering his mind and now he was laughing. Damn, I am taken! I am really taken! He immediately grabbed his phone on his side table, then he started browsing all the exchange of “I love you” just to make sure. After reading 10 messages coming from the guy, all he wanted to do was to jump with joy.
Joe started day dreaming. The guy from the party was everything that he wanted – good looking, have a good job, know responsibility well, and kiss passionately. He started planning their upcoming dates, then the monthsaries, summer vacations and the holidays they will spend together. This is it, Joe thought, I will never let him go. He was meant for me the same way I was meant for him, together we are perfect,
He then dialed the guy from the party phone number, it just rang. Probably, he is still asleep.
He went to the write message page where he typed,
Hi Babe, good morning, thanks for the wonderful night, I miss you already. Ily. :)
No one replied.
The day went on. Joe was still waiting for his BF to connect with him. Patience… He will reply soon.
It was already dinner when Joe texted another message to his BF.
Baby, I am already worried, why aren’t you replying? Miss you much, ily.
He started calling him however the person on the other end just cancels his calls.
It was already 10 pm when he saw his BF’s name flashed on his cell phone’s LCD.Finally! His phone almost fall his hands when he clicked on read,
Hi There, I know I did things last night but I was just drunk. I am sorry, but it will be better if we will just stay friends. See you around.
Joe remembers everything now, they were both drunk.
Orange Chronicles is a collection of stories. Stories that may sometimes make sense. I just hope they do :)
I am surrounded with pretty interesting people. They also have interesting stories.


  1. waaaaaaaaa and I thought it was your account of the day... story pala hehehehe interesting ☺

    1. Haha! It's my friend account of his past love story. I just find it interesting and all of a sudden I just want to sensationalize it. :)

  2. wahh, sad story :( but it was nice, very well written :)

  3. i like reading stuffs you wrote like this...most specially the layout this is still have your personal parin...^^