Thursday, March 1, 2012

Water For Elephants

I never been to a circus before. Probably the closest encounter that I have on a circus act was watching it on Channel 7 on a Sunday special. I know, its hard being a kid and not seeing a Circus Act live in action.

My housemate lent me the book. She, I mean, He (Becky siya na may boobs, haha) told me that the book came from a relative in Canada. We have this habit of exchanging books and since she is still reading the book that I lent her, she just told me I can read her first.

The book has been with my possession for almost a month. When she (she talaga ang mention ko sa kanya sa blog ko, haha) gave it to me, I was still drowning with Ricky Lee’s masterpiece. Also I got a little intrigued with the title, it was really not that interesting. Maybe because of the title or the picture of the book, i don’t know, I just really don’t find the urge to read it.

Good thing, I really have nothing to read. :D

You might think that this is a children’s book, right? Yeah, I judged the book right away, I thought it will just be another circus story where I will end up fascinated about it, but its not.

The book is a story of Jacob, I cannot spell his last name so we will just stick with Jacob. :) After Jacob lost his family and all the money that he can possibly have because of his college education, he quitted college, ran in the middle of nowhere, then he saw a train, jumped on it while moving to just realize that he will be part of a circus company where he became the Circus Vet.

Wanna see Jacob? Here he is on the movie adaptation.

Hi Edward, I mean, Jacob, I mean Robert, now I am confused. :D

The story will revolve on the lives of people who work on the circus train. Jacob will encounter a schizophrenic, a mean boss, a clown, a drunkard, a hot chick and an elephant. It will deal with how tough Circus Train life was, having no pay while working hard, being in a relationship with a married woman, animal abuse and a lot of other grown up stuff.

Water for Elephants really have a theme for kids that was dealt in a very adult way. Astig!

I never expected that I will love it, but now, I do. Though it really has a crappy book cover that I think needs to be changed, it has a good story that really transcends through time.

It is really a classic.


  1. I love this movie and have seen it twice... I haven't had the luxury of time to read the book though... Honestly, I was not aware at all that the movie was just an adaptation. haha

    The movie tackles about so many facets of life, but what really struck me the most was that you can never really live your life the way you planned it to be... What matters most is how you deal with every thing that life offers you...

    I love Rose :) haven't seen an elephant eh

    1. Sa Manila Zoo may elephant, boy! Haha... It is really a good book, haven't seen the movie though.

  2. oh... okay lang yan, puntahan mo nalang agad.