Friday, March 2, 2012


Finally someone tagged me to this eleven questions thing. I’ve seen a lot of blog post like this, unfortunately, no one tagged me yet. Spell unpopular, right?

Thanks PM for the questions!

Let’s start…

Why are you blogging?

When I started blogging, I was writing to express myself. All I ever wanted was an avenue to express my thoughts. Then I started enjoying it to the point that I realized how fun it is – writing something and having someone somewhere react on it.

The story behind your blog username

Aside from someone used to call me orange, you can read it here, orange also is my favorite color.

When do you plan to retire your blog?

I cannot answer this question right now, I still enjoy doing this and I don’t want it to end yet.

What is your favorite blog to read?

MTM, many to mention. Haha… parang slumbook lang, haha

What is the story of the last book you have read?

It is the story of Jacob and his life while working as a Vet on a Circus.

Where did you hear the song you got last LSS?

From SMASH, a new television show in the U.S. It was a song cover of Michael Buble’s Have Met You Yet, watch it here…

Do you think I should watch [insert name of your most favorite movie of all time]?

Definitely! Aladdin is one of best movie I’ve ever watch.

Do you add blog friends on your personal Facebook account?

I don’t see any problems with that. But I don’t initiate the”adding” part; they should either add me up (if they will find me on Facebook) or communicate with me that they want me to be their friend there.

When you are bored, do you eat to fill your time?

Since I am on a diet now, NO, I sleep to fill time.

What is the happiest moment of your life so far?

Earning my own money and being independent.

How old are you?


That was fun.

Now I am tagging Elmer, Bryan, Cherie, Nyl, Chet, A3c, ZaiZai, Green Breaker, Mark Joe, ^Travis, and Mac Callister. Kailangan daw mag tag, pasensiya naman. :D

For the eleven questions,

  • Describe yourself using a science concept?
  • How do you handle your last break up?
  • What was the last video you watched on YOUTUBE?
  • What was your favorite subject in school?
  • Anong panget sa maganda at maganda sa panget? hehe.
  • How will you describe your blogs to someone who doesn’t have any idea about blogging?
  • What are your career goals and what are you doing to achieve them?
  • Complete the sentence. If I will win 300M pesos on the lottery, the first thing I will do after I claim the money is….
  • What is the last topic on Wikipedia that you’ve read?
  • Favorite Walt Disney Character? Why?
  • LSS of the moment.

I hope you will have fun answering this questions.

Keep it awesome, guys!


  1. LJ. kulang, aside from the 11 answers to the questions nung nag-tag sa'yo, you also need to post 11 random things about you, you also need to post the rules..LOLs..hehehehe

    1. pak! haha... sige next time, ganun gagawin ko, pag may nagtag ulet. wahaha!

  2. bakit nagbalik loob ka sa blogspot? nalito tuloy ako. nyahaha. thanks for answering. nakakatuwa din tong mga ganito diba. akala ko di mo pa nakita kaya dumaan ako ngayon para sabihin nakapost ka na pala, aba very good! haha hayaan mo susubukan ko panuodin ulit yung alladin. hindi kasi ako sure kung napanuod ko na ba yan dati eh hehe.

    1. hehe... pasensiya naman.

      due to insistent public demand... balik blogspot. lols

      you should... sarap sa pakiramdam iwatch ang aladdin

  3. damn nakalusot i can't believe it!

  4. You favorite movie is Aladdin? Mine's The Lion King! hehe..

    Ang hilig mo nga sa color orange.. Pati si Charmander pa talaga, andito. :) Salamat sa pagdalaw sa blog ko.

    1. ahhhh... wait lang, super leah commented on my blog! Woohoo! Parang na star struck ako ng very very light.

      Yeah, overrated po ang orange sa blog ko.

  5. yihee ngayon ko lang nakitang na tag ako dito! gagawin ko, now na. thanks sa tag! :)

    1. hehe... your welcome po. Enjoy!