Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Become One

Finishing two books in two days is one of the highlights of my week. Ever since I was moved to the night shift, my reading pace has been slower.

The two books that I’ve read are not the types of books that I will read. But because my housemate/Becky na may Boobs has a lot of it, I know it will not hurt to try something new.

First Book: Iris Johansen’s And Then You Die

A girl’s visit to a small Mexican town became her worst nightmare. After losing her sister, she then found out that the town was attacked by an Anthrax like poison and her blood was the only cure for future terrorist. The Antagonist then came after her wanting her dead before the CIA formulated an antidote to stop the killing.

The book is good enough. Its not stellar but good enough. :)

Second Book: Sidney Sheldon’s Morning, Noon and Night

If you love watching Soap Opera’s, you will get fond of this book. A horrible rich man death caused by a yacht accident will make his siblings fight for the old man’s money. Money and sibling rivalries is very soap operaish, right? Is there such a term? The story became more interesting when they siblings found out that they have a step sister. Will they get the old man’s money? You have to read the book to find out. Haha.

I’ve seen a lot of Sidney Sheldon’s books on NBS but I don’t find them interesting. After reading it, he became more and more interesting. Let’s start raiding book thrift shops to get more of his books. Haha. I know, they’re there.

Why is the title Two Become One? Haha. The most creative answer will get a #magnum from me. Haha.

Have a good night everyone!


  1. i find that there are tons of books that are very soap opera-ish lately. i just finished a book earlier today so i guess we will have the same themed post for the weekend. i have yet to do mine though. have a great weekend lj! PM

    1. yeah, pero its fun reading them naman we. They are pretty interesting to read, minsan medyo dramatic lang, pero i still love it! :)

  2. You do the same, I cannot wait for your new post PM. Thank you for making a comment.

    Friends, PM's link is

    Check her blog. :)

  3. tumugtog ba ang 2become1 while you were writing this? :) Buti ka pa masipag magbasa. Ako dati oo, pero ngayon inaantok ako every time I read.

    1. hehe... hilig lang naman talaga, pag gusto mo talaga ang ginagawa mo, kahit paulet ulet pa, keribells lang

  4. i havent read and i dont have this book Lj, but Sheldon is half of my fav. author...the other half is Nicholas Sparks...and i am really glad that you also somehow like Sheldon,have you read his Nothing last forever? that was really touching and for me so far aside from the Jurassic Park and Harry Potter + the Lord of the Rings are concern, that was really nice...haha i talk a lot ^^ thank you for reminding me that its really good to write...^^

    1. It is naman we. Deadma na sa negative vibes, be happy.

      Well, I haven't read that. :) May seven books pa ako na kailangang tapusin, iniisip ko ngang gumawa ng isa pang blog para lang sa mga books ko we.

      Whatchathink? Add mo ko sa FB. :)

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    1. hahaha.. anong marerecommend mong books, elmer?