Friday, December 30, 2011


Bebang is my supervisor. She is really funny, she talkative, sometimes she’s annoying, but generally she is nice. She always treat us at night, most of the time, we just pig out on ice cream and pizza.

Last night, I notice her picture on her yahoo messenger.


So I ask her where did she got these pictures. Instead of answering my question, she just sent me the whole folder of her avatars. Eventually, She has a a complete set of Avatar for the whole week. Since it was Thursday yesterday, this was her avatar.

Here are the rest of her photos. :)

For Monday, since she just came from her off, she is still sleepy. Haha.


For Tuesday, This is her when she is pumped up. Gotta bring the game face on. Haha


On Wednesday, she is full of energy. :)


Come Thursday, She is confused. :)


The day before her rest day, Friday, she is so excited. :)


She has Saturday Sunday off, so every Saturday, she is happy!


And before she go back to work, every Sunday, she is worried and still don’t want to go back to work. :)

Sunday I love Bebang’s avatars!

Can someone tell me where can you get this cute creature, I want to have a male version of it. Hahaha… Better if it comes in Orange. :)


  1. hmmm...this one i cant help...but i'll try to find it..haha effort ^^
    i like the grin of the friday avatar haha hidden agenda lang ang face...very excited sa weekend...thats my face on that excited for the day kasi...i'll try to find it...but no promise ^^

    happy holiday also,thank you again and i wish you well as you welcome your new year...enjoy!

  2. sa iyo din po... ngayon lang pala kita finollow. :)