Thursday, December 15, 2011

Food Intake For The Last 24 Hours

It has been a festive 24 hours.

Last night we had pizza in the office. Blame it on my pregnant officemate who cannot keep her appetite in place. Every time she eats, we also eat. Who cares if we get sleepy? Eating became our bonding moment in the night shift.

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Today, I tried two things.

First is Four Fingers, which is originally from Singapore, in SM North. They just opened, and I was really excited to try their food because, my friend, Nate is one of the Branch’s Bosses. I tried their Chicken Wrap. It was the best Chicken Wrap I tasted. It also goes with fries that have herbs on it. It tastes different. It also goes along with salsa and kalamansi which I don’t know how to use. Haha! I don’t have pictures though; I just got the images below from the web. Here are the other food that they offer. :)


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The food is really awesome. Its affordable and worth every peso that you will spend.

After that, my friend, Dale, and I went to Moonleaf Tea Shop. The shop was introduced to us by Ayla. We were really anxious at first. My friend and I are really not tea drinkers. It will be our first time drinking milk tea. I love coffee, it gives me energy. I really don’t drink tea a lot because my tummy reacts violently every time I try drinking it.

Aside from that, we were worried that it may cost much. You know, milk tea is the trend now. But we were really surprised how affordable it is.

Another thing, we also don’t know what we will order. So we just relied on what the Cashier said their best seller was, Wintermelon Milk Tea! Guess what, Dale and I loved it! We also ordered their awesome Orange Cupcakes that taste like heaven.

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Having my first milk tea was really exciting. I never expected the outcome, but definitely, I will be back at Moonleaf anytime soon.

Alam ko, matakaw ako, hahaha!

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