Sunday, December 25, 2011

YM Got Hacked!

It has been an awesome Christmas so far… Until I found out that someone used my yahoo messenger account.

I got the news from my officemate who asked me to call him last night. He told me that someone was chatting my office mate abroad. Immediately, I panicked. He then told me that what was said was really not nice. He mentioned some profane words. Some were even sex related. Since I don't have an access to a computer the moment he called me, He changed my messenger password right away.

Today, I found out who used my account.

Since most of my blog post were done on an Internet Cafe on Makati. I ask the person who manages the shop if he saw someone who used my account. I told him what happened. He then said that some rascal kids were using my account yesterday, and once he saw it, he immediately log it out. We looked at the messenger’s history, and there I found the words that was said.

Example, a friend from Greece chatted “Merry Christmas,” and the kid replied, “Hindi ako si LJ, P.I. mo hahaha.”

Alarming, right?

Good thing my officemate knew me pretty well and she was aware that I was never chat such stuff.

My friend Ralph, who manage the shop, was furious about the incident. He was more mad compared to how I reacted. He called the kid and confronted him until he admitted that he was the one who send those messages. The kid never said the truth, though. Ralph even called the kid’s mom to inform her what happened.

The mom talked to me. “Bakit naman po kasi naiwan niyong bukas ang account niyo? Hindi ba pwedeng humingi nalang ng pasensiya sa nangyari?” Ralph did most of the talking. I remained calm throughout the situation. My friend said that the account was accidentally left with my password on it, and though it was left at such way, as a way of respect, his child should not even touch it, hence, say such words.

The mom was apologetic though, I just informed her that I already did most of the apologizing, and informed my officemates that some rascals just used my account. If ever she did something rude, definitely she will hear something from me. I am nice, but the bitch inside of me rise when needed.

I know part of the incident was my fault, and I am taking full responsibility on it. Promise, I will make sure that everything is logged out before I even leave the shop. Or maybe, I should start saving for my own pc na. Hahaha!

Merry Christmas guys. :)


  1. I never fancy that "remember me" check box every time I log in. Tama nga naman, respeto lang... and bad words are bad words... and it never looked or heard good on anyone.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas! ☺

  2. indeed but the sad reality on generation today is the lack of manners to young ones right now...we should be responsible enough when we use an internet cafe because even if we dont notice baka uve checked the remember pw in the pc ^^ cause most of the time before i really notice that one talagang andun pa yung password mo so better check it before you leave okay,kasi theres the tendency that the ym will automatically just stuck the details after you log out if you use a pc on the net cafe...^^ MERRY CHRISTMAS ^^ dont get pissed off na , it will just ruin your holiday hahaha

  3. @ Hi Bryan, welcome sa iyo. :) ako din naman, but sometimes, we tend to forget the little things. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    @Cherie, hi pretty lady. I am not pissed naman, I know that part of what happened was also my fault. Kaya I don't have any right to even feel bad. Salamat sa warm greetings. :) :)

  4. yeah, get ur own laptop na...

  5. 100% your fault. you left the trap, some kid fell for it. as a blogger, i would have thought you'be very well aware of other options to prevent such things.

    get a USB flashdrive, 8GB at least, and install some portable apps there. use those apps off the USB and not the owns installed in any computer. so even if you're stupid enough to forget to logoff, it's fine coz all the details are stored in your USB flashdrive.

    while you're at it, get a short, strong chain and tie that USB flashdrive around your wrist,neck, or belt in case YOU FORGET to unplug it and remove from the pc that you use! :p

  6. @Ron, yeah, this 2012. :)

    @Anonymous. Thanks for the comments. :)