Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishlist 2011

On Friday, our Department’s Christmas party will take place. It will be more of a Children’s party because my officemate’s children will be there. Venue will be at McDonalds, complete with the program and games, the normal stuff that you get when you get a Children’s Party Package from them. My officemates are crazy. Haha! But, it sounds fun.

Christmas party will not be complete without exchange gifts. One of my officemates created a new system where we will have code names, haha, last year kasi pangalan lang. Disney Characters. Since I was late in sending my code name, the event organizer/officemate in charge of the party chose a name for me. Captain Hook! Bang! If I have to choose my name, I’d prefer Cruella Devil. Haha!

Enter, Department’s Christmas Party Wishlist!

Don’t worry, I will not ask for something orange. I know my officemates, and since we’re close, I really looked for stuff that will give them a hard time. And here they are.

First One, The Fallen and Leviathan by Thomas E. Sniegoski. I was really having a hard time finding this book. I already looked at all Book Store possible however they only have book 2 and book 3. I specifically emphasized on my list that if they will not get Book 1, never get Book 2 or Book 3. Demanding much, haha. You will not be able to ready book 2 and book 3 without reading book 1.

Second, The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. I think this is the only novel of Paulo Coelho that I haven’t read. So, why not have my office mate pay for it, right?

Last, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. The book cover looks interesting, and basing it on how the cover looks, for sure it will talk about Angels falling in love with Humans.

Price of the gift should be more than PHP 300.00! Goodluck nalang sa nakabunot sa kin. :)

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