Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Enteng ng Ina Mo

I have faith in Ai Ai delas Alas when it comes to movies. I really find all of her movies entertaining, so when I found out that they will make another movie about Ina and her family, I was really excited. I thought that her entry to the MMFF last year will be the last story of her family, but who will not want to have a movie with Vic Sotto, right?

At first, I was really hesitant watching the movie. I know it will be entertaining and it will be worth the money that you will spend however, not having Wenn DeRamas as a director really gave me doubts. A DeRamas film is really different. His movies will really capture your heart and will make you a cry baby once the actors started crying.

Hence, the movie never failed me. It was really fun watching it.

Ai Ai and Eugene were so wacky. They were so natural with their skills. You can notice that even Ai Ai wants to laugh with how Eugene portrayed her character. I love the scene where Eugene was pushing a wall for Ai Ai to cry on, she even told her to go up and down while pouring her heart out. That was hilarious.

When Ruby punched Jose, I really can’t stop laughing. It was unexpected and so realistic that though I know it was acting, it was so believable. Vic Sotto’s acting was also okay. I cannot say that it was Best Actor material though; for sure he can do better.

All in all, the movie was epic. It was hilarious and will definitely be on the top list of the Blockbuster movies. Will it win a Best Picture award? I’m not sure, though. But, for me, what makes a great movie is the fact that aside from its entertaining, it must be different, the story must be something that you want to share, and it must teach a moral lesson. If this will be the guidelines of the judges for the MMFF, definitely Enteng ng Ina mo will win.


  1. oh i see...this is the one you watch pala,i read the latest post kasi...i'll watch this,awesome ang review im an avid of both movies since it started anyways...thank you for the comment ORANGE! ^^

  2. Hehe... Pleasure is mine Cherie. Segunda Mano daw is disappointing. Basing it on my friends who love horror films ha, ako kasi, wala siya sa list ko. I dont watch horror films. :)

  3. ai walan na ako ng gana manuod...