Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow White

Someone was singing a lousy version of Better Days when I first saw him. I was standing at the Bar’s balcony when he came in. He was wearing black, with body protruding on his muscular torso, and his smile will really caught every one’s attention.

I tried to remain calm and did my best not to act that I like him. Well, I do like him, but my friends were there and I know that they also got their eyes on him too. We didn’t talk. I avoided him. Though my attention was with my friends, all my thoughts were geared towards him.

I want to share a table with him, get to know him, to get a glimpse of his dreams, ideas and how crazy he can get. His smile mesmerized me, and it will be better if I can see it up close. The way he looked was really perfect – black eyes that seems to see someone’s soul, skin as white as snow, lips as red as a rose, and a smile that was like a ray of sun in a gloomy, depressing day.

He can be a male version of Snow White, and me, well I am just nobody.

When I told my friends that I am on my way home, he said that I should’ve have stayed. “You're not drunk yet,” he commented.

I really wanted to stay but I really don’t like what I felt. Something was wrong that night.

Since I broke up with my last partner, this was the first time I’ve experienced it again. The sudden chill, thoughts rambling on your mind, and your heart beating like crazy, one thing was sure; I’m attracted to Snow White. The wall that I’ve created for so long suddenly crashed before my eyes. All of the things that I’ve done to even ignore liking somebody became useless. And it is all because of Snow White.

Hence, my friends were also attracted to him. I can sense it. He was their new target and everyone will fight tooth and nail just to get a piece him. Who will not fall for him? He was a good trophy boyfriend, and probably, he does well in bed as well. I love competitions, but I really choose my battles.

Snow White is really a good prize, but is he worth it all the trash talking and back stabbing that my friends and I will go through just to have him?

Thoughts started ranting on my head. The insecurities that I tried to neglect ever since started flourishing in all of my veins. And the doubts, yes, it won't stop. I started imaging what a perfect date will be? What should I wear? Where will I take him? It's stupid, I know. But I think that was the closest I can get to him, in my silly and crazy dreams.

Then, the reason why I don't want to fall in love again erupted like a dormant volcano ready to create a devastating scene. It always happen.

I always fall for people who will never even notice me.


  1. Ah, unrequited love. How it taunts us so.

  2. hi! are you gonna help to the people na nasalanta by ts sendong?