Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanks Ayla!

It all started with a plan. I joined. I met my partner. Then, I received my gift!

Ayla and I met a while ago at Moonleaf. I tagged along my friend, Dale, in case I will get lost at Teacher’s Village. I was really nervous meeting my partner and having Dale with me really helped me a lot.

I really get tense when meeting new people. Sometimes, I really turn out shy. Most of the times, I tend to be quiet, and let the other person do most of the talking.

Good thing, Ayla was really nice to both of us. She shared a lot of things and Dale and I really learned a lot from her. She also ask questions that really made me talk a lot. She made the two of us comfortable. Pasensiya na if we get distracted most of the time, andami kasing cute sa Moonleaf kanina! Haha!

Thanks Ayla for the fancy orange neck tie, I love it a lot. Salamat din for introducing us to a new tambayan. Sa uulitin ha, sa Moonleaf ulet.

Thanks PM for the awesome idea. I really had fun. Next year ulet… Meet din tayo ha. :)


  1. nakakatuwa naman kayo nagkita pa talaga kayo! sana next time kasama na ako haha alam mo lagi din ako inaaya ng ibang blog friends magkita pero tulad mo baka wala akong masabi at mahiya! pero sana next year hindi na at matuloy na nga ang mga meeting blog friends na iyan... sa uulitin orange ha!

    ps. tawa ako sa apology dahil sa madaming cute!

  2. haha... don't worry, you'll be fine. kami nga, we survived. :)

  3. HAHAHA. Win-win situation, may gifts na tayo madami pang cute!