Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Thousand Splendid Suns/Modelland

I am currently reading two books now. Not at the same time of course, haha, that’s crazy!

The first book, I am reading at home. I discovered the author when my landlady asked me to create a book report. Its a story of two girls from Afghanistan. From what I’ve read, its better than Kite Runner. Well, We’ll See…

The other one, I read at the office. I discovered it while watching the last episode of ANTM. It’s written by Tyra Banks, I’ve tried looking for it at any bookstore here in Manila, however it just not available. So I just downloaded the PDF file and read it at the office. The story is good so far. It’s pretty interesting.

Orange loves reading! :)

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Your landlady asked you to make a book report? Buti na lang yung landlady ko hindi nagpapagawa ng book report hehehehe

    I haven't read the book. Let me know kung maganda para mabasa ko rin once I'm finished reading the books in my looooong list hehe

  2. Haha... It was for his son. :) Kamote talaga...

    Definitely I will, andoon na ako sa part two. Mukhang mas interesting siya sa Kite Runner, parang mas dramatic. :)