Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Wicked Queen

She walks through the night,

with the moon as her backdrop, and

a basket of apples on her left hand.

With jealousy on her heart,

and the insecurities that needs to end.

Slowly, she walks through the dark forest,

leading to only one direction.

With only one purpose.

One plan.

One goal.

She wants to be The Fairest.

She wants the pain to end,

she wants the jealousy to cease,

She wants Snow White dead.

Then she finally see her,

and the rage intensified.

She became more envious,

more dangerous,

But She must not notice,

her wicked ways must be kept secret,

or she will not be the Fairest.

She pleaded the lady to let her in,

then informed her that the apple

were meant for wishing.

Finally, Snow White took a bite,

Then fall to an endless sleep.

The Queen rejoiced because her plan was a success

And now it’s all up to Prince Charming

To wake the damsel in distress.

With one kiss.

All it take is just one kiss.

But Prince Charming hasn’t come into his senses.

He is still confuse whether Snow White is meant for him

Maybe true love won’t save Snow White this time.


Snow White and the Queen were together last night. It was not a pretty site. I was slightly drunk when I wrote these words on my phone. :)

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