Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Pens of Hope Project

It has been my nature to check the blogs of the people who were commenting on my blog. I always get excited when I see new people on  Orange Wit. It’s like meeting a new friend, inviting them to have a cup of coffee, and get to know the person better.
All I ever wanted was to know Ms. N better, but something caught my attention more, aside from this, this!
Immediately, I started reading more information about The Pens of Hope Project. From what I’ve read, the project aimed to have Children in Northern Samar enough writing instrument for their schooling needs.
But the post I’ve read deals with books, imagine, they will give out books!
Being a book lover myself, I always believe that aside from pencils, good books are also important to learning. Being a graduate of a public school, I experienced sharing a book with someone else. In my school, we were fortunate enough that I was just sharing a book with another student. However, from what I’ve heard from my sister, who studied in a different public school in our City, five people need to share a book. That will be okay if you have something to share, but what if there was none? Tsk tsk.
The moment I read the post, I immediately send Ms. N an email to show my interest in joining the project. She replied right away, explaining how to send her the package and the purpose of the project. I even got worried because from what I’ve read on her blog, the person who will go to Northern Samar will leave on Dec. 5. I still have a couple of days to get books, send the package, and pray that the kids will love them.
I told my friend Chester, about the post and he gladly joined in. And this morning, we have this!
IMG_2768 (2)
I know it’s not that much. Babawi nalang ako siguro next time, bibilhin ko ang buong National! Pak! But I hope the kids will love it.
You can still help, for more information about The Pens of Hope Project, you can check Ms. N’s awesome blog by clicking this!


  1. i really appreciate the experience beb.. pls wag ka magsawang sumuporta sa ating pakikibaka. ;)

  2. Oo naman... Basta maganda ang purpose, andoon ako!