Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party!

Last night was our Christmas Party. It was held on the same building where I am working. I am really not into parties, but since I really don’t have much to do last night, why not try attending?

The Good Stuff

Food was good! Hahaha. What we ate last night, were stuff I am not familiar with. They have beef something, chicken something, pasta with Italian sausage on it, and a lot of other good stuff I don’t even have any idea with. Haha. We also had Lechon and B-B-Q that were superb!

Venue was nice. Since it was held on a hotel, its expected. However something make the whole place so cozy and grand. Tables were set with Christmas Decors, maraming Christmas balls.

Our Department won First Place. Haha. Merry na ang Christmas Party, wala ng ambagan ng 350. :)

The Bad Stuff

There were really two things that irritated me last night, first was the service of the Hotel, and next will be the Photo Booth.

If you have good food, you will expect that good drinks will be serve, right? However, last night, I already finished my plate and no Iced Tea were served. Water was also scarce. I have to even ask three different waiters just to have a glass, tsk tsk.

Photo booth were rented by the company for three hours, I guess. They started at around four in the afternoon. What time were we on the venue, 6:30! Pak! The photo shoot guy were really rushing and asking us to hurry up. Even the employee who were in charge said that “it was the prize of being late.”  Well, we were not late, I was aware that the party will start at six, and my office mates still have duty that day.

Hence, I had fun last night. It always nice being with people that you work with in a different environment – without the stress, the deadlines, and the small cat fights that you either have on emails or on the phone. :)  It’s always fun having fun, especially with the people that you both hate and love. :)

Merry Christmas every one.


  1. Astig! May Google Adsense ka na hehe. Ingatan mo yan ha! Wag mag-post ng mga adult contents hehe

  2. merry christmas! kami na lag ata ang hindi nag xxmas porteh. shet.

    at alam na. basta maraming(xmas) balls. masaya. lol

  3. @Elmer, oo nga naman... Super duper ingat. After what I've been through, mananatili ang adsense sa blog ko. haha

    @Mots, salamat sa pagdaan idol. yeah, pinaglalaruan ko nga ung balls dun sa table we. hahaha

  4. sino me kasalanan dun sa photobooth? hehe.

  5. @cheese, hinahanap ko nga we. kakausapin ko ng masinsinan.

  6. buti pa kayo may Christmas party. Sa office namin wala eh.

    Btw, tapos na po ang distribution ng books. Salamat uli!