Monday, December 12, 2011


So, Tyra Banks decided to write. For sure there will be stuff about fashion, modelling and a lot of empowering your inner beauty. I am correct.

Modelland was a story of a girl named Tooke. She has weird features – big ears, big forehead, hair that has multiple personality, stick figured, and she has one green eye and the other one, brown. Tooke also had a crazy family who treated her like crap, a mother who treated a doll like a real person, a father who used to be a circus artist, and a sister who gets all their family attention.Tooke remained unnoticed. She was a forgetta-girl. Someone who dreams that one day, someone will notice her, that she will become people will remember. Until she got picked to be one of the student of Modelland.

Modelland was a place where supermodels, or as the book quote them, Intoxibellas study, trained, and become feirce. It’s like a dreamland for models. Blood orange scent, rooms that has weird stair cases, a spa where you can choose your own environment to relax, weird creatures that act as butlers, a runway where you can change clothes in split seconds, and a lot of other fictional things that makes Modelland a place that people will really kill for just to get inside. It’s a model’s paradise, something like Hogwarts however instead of being a wizard, you will be a Intoxibella.

Reading a lot of books, the theme seemed predictable. A lead will begin the story as an underdog, who will discover a magical place, will get some friends who will act as her side kicks, then will become the book’s hero. Yeah, I’ve read a lot of books like that before. The setting is just different because we are talking about fashion and models. However, the theme was something I expected – believing in yourself.

I just hope that the story were written better. No offense, Tyra, I love all the things that you’ve done however the book could have been superb if the stories did not became that common.

The book also has the longest acknowledgment I’ve ever read. Haha.

Modelland is something that I can recommend. If you are into style and fashion and all the things about being and loving yourself, Modelland is the book for you.


  1. ...does the book already available here in the Philippines?

  2. unfortunately, not yet. I just read the book thru pdf. If you want a copy, i can send it to you...

    Contact me. :)

  3. haha sure
    is it expensive if we send a book trough mailing?like lbc?...

  4. i can send it to you via email. :)

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