Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Valkyries

The Valkyries is a book about Angels. So far, it is the best literature I’ve read about them.

But before we proceed, do you believe in Angels?


I do. I grew up believing that someone was always watching my every move. He keeps me safe, he wanted me to always stay on the good side, he protects me from harm, comforts me through all of me fears, and he makes sure that I get through every trials. I first thought that believing these things were crazy, good thing that the book enlightened me.

What I used to have growing up was a Guardian Angel. Sweet!

There are several types of Angels – The Angel of Death, Angels that destroy, Angels that are bad, and Guardian Angels. Angels have different purpose, they are friends, and they will always be there.

Paulo’s goal in the book was to see his Guardian Angel and to talk to him. He went to Los Angeles to meet the Valkyries, who will teach him how to connect to him. In order to talk to his Angel, he must do three tasks: He must break a pact, learn to forgive and make a bet. Seeing an Angel is tough, that is for sure.

If there is one thing good about the book, it really makes me believe that Angels Exists. That is the main goal of the book, I guess, to make its readers believe and have faith on them.


  1. i love paulo. :))) what's your favorite coelho book?

  2. Hi Sir Mots, salamat sa pagdaan idol. ang hirap naman po, pwede po bang "What is a Verb" nalang ang tanong nu? haha...

    Honestly, lahat sila favorite ko, dalawa nalang ang hindi ko binabasa --The Manual of the Warrior of the Light and Fifth Mountain :)