Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I am really not fond of books being turned into movies. Like what I’ve said in one of my posts before, books will always be better. But when you have to wait for a friend for three hours on a mall, and if that is the only movie available to watch, it is already a different story. Now, let us talk about Breaking Dawn.

All I can say is… I LOVE IT! I can’t wait for the Part 2, I guess that is enough said.

Breaking Dawn really stick to the book. They were able to show how painful and miserable Bella can get, how sad Jacob and Edward can become and what will the Cullens do just to save her. Every thing is just the way I wanted it to be –- concentrating on the story and not on the fight scenes. :)

I still prefer the book, there is no questioning that. However, the movie amazed me in a way that it was able to really show what the book was all about.

Chester is probably laughing now. He will keep on saying, and “I told you so.”


  1. Waaaahhh... 'di ko pa napapanood "Breaking Dawn". I was hoping pa naman na ililibre mo ako :)

  2. I thought this was the best of the twilight movies. makes you wonder if they made the first ones suck on purpose so we could appreciate this movie's beauty. lol

    and i love reading books translated to movies! i usually see the movie first, that way i don't get disappointed.

  3. @Chet, hahaha. Tse!

    @Elmer, asa... mas malaki sweldo mo sa kin.

    @Nyl, So True! Hindi mo lang alam kung gano ako nadissapoint sa twilight, haha. Siguro ganun na rin ang gagawin ko, watch ko muna ang movie before reading the book, parang mas effective yun. Like nung Binasa ko ang I am Number Four.