Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad Day.

“Male, po.” I said in a shy and timid manner, while looking at the Spa’s vinyl flooring.

The lady across the reception did her thing, then took a quick glimpse of me. I already know what she is thinking. This guy is gay because he wants to have a male masseur, and he wants to have a massage in 4:15 in the morning. I kept my stare at the vinyl flooring, then give her an impatient smirk, who cares what you think? I am not here for your masseur. My body aches and I think a massage can help me.

Finally, someone assisted me. I was slightly taller than him, slightly darker than him, and slightly heavier than him. He then guided me to the well lighted hallway, then the staircase that will lead us to our room. The scent of oil was all over, rooms are separated by thick black curtains that smell like cobwebs already, and the bed, well, its good for massages. Hehe.

Massages are relaxing. But it will really depend on the person who will take care of you. My masseur, a while ago, he was not good. Everything he did was not cool. He started small talks that I am not interested. Aside from that, his hands felt like rocks on my body. The massage was verging on uncomfortable and painful. I kept on telling him to mellow it down, which he did, then all of a sudden his hands will feel like hell again.

After the massage, he then offered me something, which shocked me because I never expected a Spa in Shaw will have such thing. I told him that its expensive, however he said that it will only be for 1500 bucks. No way! No effin’ way! Instead of getting irritated, I just gave Aljur the Masseur a condescending smile then started to get dress. I hate upsetting people so I just said, “maybe next time.” If there will be a next time, which I doubt. I know I’m unstraight, and I am proud of it however not all gay are as gay as what people think. Sometimes, we will not do such stuff.

Talking about a bad day, right?


  1. Bad Boy... Bad Citybuoy... Better layout. :)

  2. Hay naku, of all people na magtatanong kung saan ito, ikaw pa ron! Anyways its in Shaw, malapit sa Cherry Foodarama! Pak.