Wednesday, November 30, 2011


After I wrote my post about singlehood, I noticed that it was my 99th post. I spent my whole shift thinking how I will write my 100th post. The 100th article should be something different, something epic, and something that must celebrate my kaartehans drive in maintaining Orange Wit.

I just started blogging, again, last July and never in my wildest dreams have I thought that I will enjoy it. It started when I discovered Google Reader. I was so bored in the office and to kill time, I read blogs. Reading became my motivation to write again. I was inspired by other bloggers who were able to express themselves freely. There were nights when I was excited to go to work not because of my job, but because I will be able to read again Teacher Mot’s blog, I will learn something from Robbie, Glenn will make my day because of his stories, Gelo will introduce a new movie or book, and I will be inspired by the Sole Sisters’ travel. Along with other bloggers, they made me write again.

It was never easy writing. There were days where I felt that my blog wasn’t good enough to even exist. Sometimes, I thought that I am just wasting my time because no one was even reading what I have written. I don’t even know how to edit my blog’s appearance. I still remember that I used to settle with black, white and orange because it was easy creating them. Haha. I don’t even know if I will write in English, because I know my grammar isn’t nice, but whenever I write in Filipino, my posts tends to be lengthy. Most of the time, I doubted myself.

Thanks to Elmer who pushed me to keep and writing, and to Chester who keeps on reading and commenting on my entries, all my doubts subsided.

While I keep on writing, I kept on blog hopping in the office. I learned some tricks. For people to go to your site, you have to visit them as well, give a comment, and tell them how they made your day or how great their post is. Some say that you have to write something that is socially relevant, that way people can relate to it. However, that will be hard for me because aside from I am really socially awkward; I am really not into things that other people like. Blame it on my weirdness, guys.

That was the time I just relied on the things that I love and I enjoyed doing. Reading stuff was one, surfing the net was another, third will be the things that I usually do, and last will be my life. Thankfully, I started having followers and it amazed me how my stats started to increase. I know it was not as good with the blogs that I have on reader, but for a beginner like me, these were the things that made me go back to blogger every day. These were the things that inspired me more.

And now, I am writing my 100th post. Isn’t that lovely? I never thought that I will be able to write this much. It’s crazier thinking that I have people who  read my posts, or even make comments. I feel so blessed, and if you are reading this, with all sincerity, THANK YOU.


  1. congratulations! i remember doing my 100th post. it was so exciting. i wish you more blog posts. it's fun right? lalo na when you make great blog friends. you know what, hindi ko alam ang google reader haha matingnan nga sa gmail ko. hihi. nga pala, i sent the email na. good luck and have fun.

  2. @nyl, thanks ha... isa ang blog mo sa lagi kong hinahabol kong basahin. :)

    @PM, yeah i got it, I will send Ayla a message muna. :)Yeah, I am looking forward to having blogger friends na din. :) siguro anytime soon? hihi. dali, masaya ang gmail reader, hindi naboblock sa office. :)

  3. Wow... 4,183 visits! Astig! Keep on blogging! At talagang special mention ako? Wahehehe

  4. I still can't believe that now its already 4225. yipee! :)

    Thanks elmer ha, alam mo naman i will never made it without you. weh... :)