Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I know that I don’t have a single reason to be upset. But, I know I do, because I am too stupid to believe something that easily. If there is something I am upset of, I guess that will be I am gullible, I trust easily, that is why I get upset.

Reality is really amazing.

All it takes is just to believe something and when that falters, all will change. You will no longer have the energy to continue on. Everything will start to irritate you to the point that it will be better not communicating, because for sure, you will either say or do something hurtful. You will either end up quiet or ranting on how stupid you can get because you believe someone that quick.

Proper setting of expectations, a blogger friend once told me. Well, that is true, I expected much, so right now, I’m more upset. I learned my lesson, now, we moved on and charge everything to experience. 

Damn, I hope it’s that easy. But every fiber in me wants to scream because of the frustration that I am feeling. All I did was to believe in someone’s words, and those words ended up me feeling this way.  Upset, frustrated, and Irritated. 

Words. Promises. Disappointments. It seems all three words are now synonymous to each other.

Hence, tomorrow is another day. This post is too much for all the frustrations that I am feeling. I guess I am just having a bad day, because of someone, because of something, because of words, because of promises, and it is all because of him

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  1. Hala! Sino nag-promise sa 'yo at 'di tumupad? Papagulpi natin sa friend ko :)