Sunday, November 13, 2011

Now on Nuffnang!

Last night, I read Hannah’s post about how she started earning money through her blog. I really love her blog because she introduces new things in an easy way that you will understand it right away. There are times when I just envy Then all of a sudden, I just realized that it is about time to try something different. Why not sign up for Nuffnang?

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community that helps bloggers earn money thru their blogs. I’ve seen the Nuffnang logo in most of my favorite blogs so I know that it is something that is really big. Then I read from their site that they are in four countries in the whole Asia Pacific. Shala!

Eventually, I signed up. The process is easy. What just bother me though are the codes that you have to copy then paste on your blog. Though the blog has a good tutor that will help you go through the process. It also has screen shots which is really cool and helpful for those people who are not a techie as I am. Goodluck nalang sa kin tomorrow. Haha!

The website also has a knowledge that will try to answer all of your questions about Nuffnang. If the site doesn’t help you, all you have to do is just send them an email. That is super!

Well, I know that my blog is just new and that the traffic thing that most bloggers are talking about is really not that nice. I am also aware that I don’t write as well as the bloggers that I look up to, but a big mile always starts with a single step, and a life without taking risk is boring.

‘Nuff said. :)

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  1. As usual, I am having a hard time placing the ads. Haha, sorry naman, shunga lang. :) Can someone help me out?