Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Encourage Someone to Create a Blog

let’s talk about my bucket list. :)

i was able to complete a task without even me knowing it. wanna know what is it?

9. encourage someone to create a blog.

a3c (his blog name) and i have been officemates for quite a while now. we were in the same shift and sometimes, we share the same interest. i was the one who introduced him to google reader, to camille co and a lot of other bloggers. we even planned to create a lookbook account but that will be too much for me, maybe for him its not.

he is into travelling. because of blogging, he was able to go to ilocos without spending much.

before, he really wanted to start a blog in order to document all of his adventures but he was still unsure. last week, i also informed him that i have a blog. yes, he is one of the two people in our company that knows i write. haha. every time he reads my post, i really don’t know if i will really be okay about it.

enough of me, here is the link of a3c’s awesome blog.

friends, kindly welcome him and show him some bloggers love. haha.

also, david guison, be scared, be very scared. kidding! haha.