Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taylor Swift Ours

the reason why i love taylor swift is the way she writes her songs. feeling 15 years old kasi ako pag mga kanta na niya ang tinutugtog. lols.

i love singers who write their own songs. actually, when it comes to music, i love the lyrics more compared to the melody. maybe because i am more into literature, or maybe i am just weird. haha.

but there is something about this song that really makes me love it more. i've been playing it on repeat for several days now. like i have 200 plus songs on my phone and this is the only thing i am listening to.

i know, i am weird. who cares? haha.



  1. ^^ im speachless...why? because i feel the weird when i jump in my bed wearing my pajamas in the tune of taylor swifts songs...ahm,all of it? hahah i hope you'll be more in love with her songs...all of it please...^^ im back orange !im back reading kanina pa...on your posts...

  2. two things in common: i'm the lyric person too and i rape the repeat button listening to songs too the same way you do. apir!

  3. *cherie, yeah, glad to have you back.

    *PM, hahaha... apir! At least i know im not alone when it comes to stuff