Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Orange Not Eating Fish

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i know you will find this weird. i don’t eat fish but i eat sardines and tuna in can. haha.

it started when i was still i kid, i remember that my cousin ask me to eat those pink fish (cannot remember the name) and all of a sudden i started having rashes. i got scared. another incident was when my mom cooked grilled fish and i felt the thorn of the poor little thing on my throat. starting that day, i stopped eating fish.

it was really a struggle. when i was a kid, i love the smell of grilled fish and i cannot even eat it because i was afraid of getting thorn or having sudden allergic attacks. sometimes, my family was having steamed tilapia and since i don’t eat that, i opted to buy veggies on a carinderia near our place.

it also happened that my friends and i went to palaisdaan, a restaurant in lucena where sea foods were the delicacy, and i was left to eat their grilled pork while everyone was enjoying rellenong bangus. there was also an incident that i was in a place house, and after i saw that they have sinigang na bangus as viand, i told them that i’m so full and i don’t want to eat. i was really starving to death then. it was embarrassing, i know. but i know it will be more embarrassing if i will just eat rice at their place and not have any viand at all.

my mom even asks me this question before, what if for example you only have fish and there is nothing left to eat? i just told her that, “i will just burn the bridge when i get there!” haha. then, i told her, “i’m eating fish naman e, as long as it’s in can”

yes, i eat sardines and tuna in can. i’d rather have that the grilled fish, sinigang na fish, and all those yummy fish dishes out there. weird, right?

well, we are all weird in some aspects. and that is okay, you can always be yourself as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

i am just hoping that i will be able to finish a fish dish this year. im scared. :p


  1. so this explains why...its better to be safe than to have an allergic attack,thats more embarrassing orange ^^ maybe you can overcome that by doing the your own, buy fresh one;s in the market, and do it yourself, sometimes, its the way it done kaya theres an allergies,and if you really wanna do it ^^ do it slowly if you feel you can take it then swallow it, haha just watch out for the fish bone... and if you get an allergies again, stay away from eating it ^^ be vegan hahaha kidding!,ako kasi i dont tempt myself to what gives me an allergy ayuko pa ma dead ^^ just be careful ok... well, we will be happy if you finish a fish dish this year

  2. if you are squeamish with the fish bone, opt to have the big fishes, mas malaki ang chances that they don't get stuck on your throat. then for the allergies, di ba sabi nila you can overcome it by eating bit by bit? ☺

  3. Aaah. You're like my niece, she's allergic to some fishes. Kaya hindi na siya kumain ng isda kahit kailan. Bakit nga kaya pag bata ka, madalas ka matinik ng isda? Haha. I think, the pink fish you're talking about is dalagang-bukid. I hate that one too!

  4. Cherie, I already have my game plan for that one. I will eat a fish fillet dish. Haha...

    Hello Brian, dati sinasabi ng mudrax ko, malaki naman ang mga tinik niyan, kaya malang daw ang chances na matinik ako kasi kita ko agad, kaso ayaw ko pa din.

    Yow! Salamat sa pagdaan ulet. :) Tama, dalagang bukid sounds familiar. Yun nga ata un. :)

  5. katuwa naman, we have the same distaste on eating fish except those in cans like tuna and sardines. =)