Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Probably, you were drunk when you approached me.

Probably, I was more drunk to entertain you.

Probably, you were deaf because you said I sang well.

Probably, I was just over confident.

Probably, you were stupid for asking my number. And,

Probably, I was more stupid for giving it out.

Probably, you will not call or text.

Probably, you will.

Probably, I will reply.

Probably, not.

Probably, I will tell you to stop texting me.

Probably, you will still insist.

Probably this is just a joke.

Probably, this may be something you will never do.

Probably you may.

Probably I will keep on hoping.

Probably we met in mistake.

Probably we were just under the influence.

Probably its alcohol or love

Probably its just lust

Probably you’re crazy to ask me out.

Probably we can see a movie, grab a coffee, or sing our hearts out.

Probably it is the beginning of a lot of wonderful things.

Probably, it will have a sour ending.

Probably that is the reason why I haven’t replied

Probably im scared, or anxious, or hesitant.

Probably things like this never exists.

Probably im too naïve to believe it does.

Probably we were meant to be.

Probably, we’re not.

Probably I am going in circles

Probably I haven't made a point.

Probably all the probabilities will never make sense.

Probably I am just a coward

Probably you are sincere, and

Probably this is love.

Probably not.



  1. Probably, something somewhere is right between you two. You should have made a move to know what that thing is, before you probably regret.


  2. short msg that makes sense. =)