Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Be or Not To Be

last tuesday, i went job hunting. it was with a company (call center) that was referred by my friends. they mentioned that the salary is good and they seemed happy with it so i gave it a try.

people say that applying a job is like an entrance exam for college, you must rest well the day before the big day in order for your mind to be ready. well, screw that! i went there with only three hour of sleep because i have a shift the day before the interview.

the location was far from my place. it was really my first time being in that part of manila (libis). it is not your typical call center that is normally inside a building on a financial district somewhere where fast food chains and business establishments are everywhere. the center was located on a big warehouse, beside the main road, that doesn’t even have a 7-11 nearby. across the street, you will just see a wall that protects a high class subdivision. i don’t even know if the building has any neighbor on it. the place felt so remote.  it felt so lonely.

i started motivating myself by focusing my mind on the offer and not on how miserable the office seemed. “you will get use to it, you’re here for the money,” i told myself.

though i know that i have the work experience that the company need, i was also aware that my current position in my current job was really different from the things a regular call center agent do. i can speak fluently in english, i really don’t have any problem with that, but it’s been two years when i started talking to filipinos over the phone. i was sure that i will have trouble adjusting to the english language again.

what was cool about the company was even before they interview their applicants, they will have a briefing. it was a talk about what to expect about the whole application process. the speaker even taught us how to pronounce words. words with th and the difference between p and b were also discussed. it will be cool for a call center newbie who doesn’t even have an idea about how the process works. i was multitasking the whole time of the discussion because i was not even finish with the application form. damn paper works.

the speaker will also talk about the account – its pros and cons, expectations, that kind of stuff. when she said that there was a financial account that offers 25k, and that there was only 5 slots left for their next training schedule, my competitive, greedy and aggressive self grow. i have to be part of the five.

i was confident the whole day. i was able to impress my interviewer on the initial interview, passed their upcat like exam, breeze through their typing test, everything was working exactly the way i want it. i then found out that their financial account was my old job. it was really my lucky day.

like in any call center, a hiring process will not be complete without a call simulation (call sim). a call sim is a role play between the applicant and someone else. it will be hell if you’re a newbie, believe me, i’ve been there. :p i waited for approximately two hours at the company’s lobby for my name to be called. the recruiter gave us basic on how to use their avaya phone and i was really ready.

then the phone rang. this is it.

lj: hi this is lj, how may i help you?

recruiter: hey lj, im checking if the phone line is working well and if you can hear me.

lj: oh, i can hear you.

recruiter:  that’s good, but remember, even in the first call you have to use your opening spiel.

lj:  ahm… what opening spiel?

recruiter: the spiel that you have on your review?

i started to panic. i want to tell her. addict, ano bang pinagsasasabi mo?  but since i was an applicant, i just said,

lj: im sorry, but i am really not getting you.

the girl who did my conducted my initially interview suddenly call me. apparently, there was a reviewer that you have to read in order to get familiarize on what you will do with the call sim. no one told me. i waited for two hours and no one in the company even bother told me that there was this stupid reviewer that you have to read. i just did my best to get familiarize with the script with the least possible time. i have been in their company for almost seven hours now, i don’t know if i still have the patience to stay for another hour. and looking at the script, i know what to expect. this was my account before, so i know i got this.

after 20 minutes, i told them i was ready. here we go again.

i was with another applicant when the call sim took placed. we started almost at the same time. since i have the experience in those types of call, i knew i aced the call sim. i finished in five minutes and was able to solve the caller’s concern, i was able to answer all of her questions, and i even made an up sell. the caller remained quiet and was not able to speak. probably she was impressed.

however, after the activity, all she said was, “definitely you will do well on the call because you used to take these types of calls before.” it will be fine if she will say it in a friendly way, but it was sarcastic. after that she even ask me why i still have problems with the th and the difference between how to pronounce b and v? i explained to her that i was used to getting calls from pinoys but she just interrupted me and explained to me that it was not a valid reason. she did not even commented on how i performed on my call hence she just proceed to all the things that i was bad at. pretty rude, right? i started getting pissed so i just remained quiet and just agree to all the things that she will say.

if i was not an applicant, after she said that, she will really hear a lot of bad things from me. hahaha. i will definitely tell her that it was not my fault that i know the account, i know how to take this type of calls, and it was not me who chose to be placed on this account. if you guys think that i have a problem with the way i speak, definitely, your company should not let me pass the initial interview because my first interviewer already mentioned that to me before. i know that she was expecting me to screw up, that i will rattle or even get terrified with the situation however, too bad for her, i did not. i made her job easier. she should know that an applicant will do everything to get hired, especially me, because i was focusing on the 25k prize. mamatay na sana lahat ng insecure sa mundo! hahaha.

but, i passed and i am now up for the final interview. but right now, i am thinking whether i want to be part of a company that degrades people even though they are not their employees yet. what happened was really rude and unforgivable; it was something that i am not even used to.

i have five days to decide whether to attend the final interview. the choice is simple. i can forget what happened on the call sim and just focus on what will happen on the next interview, get hired, and be happy because im 25k richer, but i have to deal with people like my interviewer. or, i can stay in my company now, where everyone is okay and nice, however the pay is not that competitive.

so, to be or not to be?


  1. o m g!!!! go orange go!...
    im excited for you...just neglect the evil lady...^^ insecure cause your better then her hahahah or baka shes just have that evil attitude...but still,work is work...and still its up to you...risk and values...oh,its exciting!!!! ^^ im wondering what will be your decision!!!

    1. hahaha... thank you. I am also wandering what will be my decision.

    2. still whatever your decision...dont forget to write ok ^^ im so excited hahahahah

    3. oo naman. for sure i'l write it.

  2. Hehehehe ganyan talaga sila (sometimes) Orange. I'm leaving call center work this March 15. I could say, I have enough of it na ☺

    Good luck on your job hunting!

  3. orange na orange dito ah. hehe! sana magkatrabaho na rin ako! syet! goodluck sa'yo, at sa magiging mga desisyon mo.

    ilang beses na akong nag-apply sa mga call center, laging bagsak. hehe

    1. hahaha. salamat idol. welcome sa orange kong mundo. hahaha

  4. Go with your gut, LJ! :) Diba yun yung sabi ni Malcolm Gladwell sa blink?

    1. hehe. yun nga we, im still waiting for one thing, tapos i will decide. by that time siguro, i will follow what malcolm gladwell said.

  5. To be. Deadma lang sa mga negative vibes. Be goal-oriented :)

  6. thanks sa comment elmer. I will take this into consideration. :)

  7. stay with the company you are with now. take advantage of the morning shift and do other stuff at night or in the afternoon and by other stuff I mean rumaket ka.. lol