Thursday, January 5, 2012

Milk The Pigeon

i was browsing google reader the other night when i stubmled upon this link. it talks about what  you can do to monetize your blog. pretty helpful link. i love the writing style of its author, its very personal, yet, very straight on.

immediately, i went to his website to know more about him and what was his blog all about. to my surprise, it has this header above.


being a paulo coelho fanatic, i always believe in signs. it felt that the website was talking to me, telling me that this was what i need.

at my age, i am already at the stage where i have to really assess what i am going to do with my life. sometimes, i even get stressed because the feeling of really not suceeding the way i really want to succeed things irritates me. most of the time, i am lost – unsure of what i really want to do. the site told me that it was okay to felt this way, i’m not alone. but, the site will also tell you that, you really have to wake up now.

i then saw that he has this e-book that was free when you subscribe to his site. i love free things. haha. i already finished it last night and it was really awesome. the book was written in a way that it felt that it was talking to me. it discussed all the issues that grown ups, like me, were going through, and how you can deal with it. it has steps, you heard it right, it also has a process that will make you analyze yourself what you really want and don’t want to do, and from there, you just have to dream.

not just the typical dream, you have to dream boldly.

what i learn from the book?

lift isn’t perfect. sometimes, we lost track of our goals, and started living a life that we were really not meant to do. but, that’s okay. its comforting knowing that i am not alone with this thought, that it was normal feeling this way at my age. but you have to really wake up and start living the life that you want. not the life your parents wants for you, or what your job requires you to do, but a life that you will enjoy every moment of it.

im in the process of doing my manifesto now, it’s an intensive process and i’d rather keep it to myself. :p

you can get your own copy of the ebook by going to alex heyne’s website. its free, and for sure, you will love it. he also knows tagalog. he’s so cool. :)

Enjoy your day.


  1. sounds like an interesting read. i never thought about my blog as a pigeon before though. lol. i think most people our age go through this kind of stress about not doing enough and not reaching enough. but i guess things take care of themselves soon enough and that's just great. apir!

  2. @PM, lols... Yeah, spell quarter life crisis. give emphasis on the letter q. haha...

  3. i wanted to drop that big word on my comment but decided not to because it sounds stressful and look at your reply haha!

  4. yeah, this looks interesting. i might look it up when i got time..

  5. @PM, yeah... Its stressful.

    @Green, Hey, welcome back. Yeah, you will learn a lot from it. :)

  6. Thank you for the kind words! :)

    I really hope the manifesto helps people, and of course you can always contact me on twitter: @milkthepigeon or email: afheyne /at/

    Stay tuned in the future.. I hope to have lots more products and ideas out there to help!!


  7. Oh em... Alex Heyne commented. Thanks, sir. :)