Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Fallen Book 1

what was so cool about book one of the fallen? it had two books on it – the fallen and leviathan. now i’m wondering whether i should create two different reviews for the book. nah… haha.

it was a story about aaron, a nephilim, a being that was a product of an angel and a human. his sole purpose was to fulfill his prophecy, which was to bring all the fallen angels back to heaven. cool, huh? according to the book, there was a great battle when lucifer changed side and some angels sided with him. all angels who teamed up with lucifer will lose all their angel self and be transform into a normal human. that was the time an angel can be called a fallen. some angels also lost their wings by means of teaching something to a human that was inappropriate, examples will be wearing makeup, technology, and even fashion. since aaron’s prophecy was written way before the day he was born, a group of bad angels, the powers, were after him. they only have one plan, to kill the nephilim and make sure that the fallen angels will stay on earth.

part one of the book concentrated on aaron’s discovery of his tremendous skills. the day he turned 18, aaron started understanding different languages, went talking with animals, he was able to cure his animal, and he was now capable of sending a fallen angel to heaven.

of course with great strength comes great responsibility, or should i say, great conflicts. aaron lost his foster parents, and his brother who has special needs was taken by the powers to be their tracker, someone who will track the fallen angels.

leviathan, the book’s part two, still followed aaron’s adventure. however, aside from the powers as their antagonist, they have another villain that they need to face.

the name of the new villain was leviathan. he was a creature who ate all his victims and keeps them on a pouch inside his tummy. gross, i know. among his victims were gabriel (aaron’s talking dog), camael (his sidekick), and the archangel gabriel. you got it right, the monster defeated the archangel. shala!

of course, aaron was able to defeat the monster. however he still hasn’t saved his brother, and there are still a lot of things that he has to know which will be revealed on the future books.

the book was okay. however, i was never really that excited to finish it. that doesn’t mean that i don’t like it, though. its just that on the other books i read, the moment the conflict and the story became interesting, even if i don’t sleep, i will do everything just to finish it right away.

maybe because i already watched it on tv before, or because it just like harry potter angels edition i don’t know. but if you’re really into adventure stories, bad ass imagination, outstanding creativity, and a talking labrador, fallen is the book for you.


  1. haha a talking labrador...this has been my brothers fav. , he always watch this on t.v, i think i saw it once...or just a glimpse... i have phobia on labrador dogs,we had one before and shes dead already, but! my tita have 3 labradors...i got a phobia on them..whenever i hear them barking at me...i cant move ^^ their cuddly but their damn deadly orange! haha if you can imagine their teeth... and the villain is yeah right ! GROSS! he swallow the victim whole?! monstrous ^^

  2. yeah... bad monster. hey cherie! Thanks for being my regular visitor. :)

  3. is this your first book for the year? it sounds cool. i think i saw an episode on TV before. just one that my sister was watching. i won't want to read it though because the genre is not my cup of tea. :D

  4. Yeah... it is my first. I was finishing the book while there was a firework display outside. hahaha :)

  5. wow! you're done reading your first book for the year. ako, nagsisimula palang. hehehe

  6. Yes, eds. I'm done na... Can't wait to start my second book na. :)

  7. ganun ba, buti naunawaan mo kahit maingay! excited na din ako sa second book. stephen king naman ako. bigay lang din sakin yun nung pasko. hehe. anong next mo?

  8. Haha... Stephen King din. IT ang title, ang tagal na niya sa kin kaso hindi ko pa tapos basahin. :)