Saturday, January 7, 2012


you were in a bar, with a friend and someone you like; let’s just name the guy you like, snow white. you know that snow white was really cute. you will do everything just for the two of you to be closer to each other.

as the cocktails took its effect on both of you, snow white noticed that someone was staring at him. the guy was older than the two of you, he was looking rugged and rich, and he wore a red cap probably to hide the thinning hairline on his face.  he also mentioned that when he went to the restroom a while ago, the guy staring at him followed him.

you just told him that it was normal. “you’re cute,” you said. but he was uneasy, irritated and he wants to go home.

good thing, aside from snow white, you have your friend with you.  you told him what’s going on and he just advised you to advise him not to get bothered. you did what your friend told you; however, the waitress started asking for snow white’s contact number, worst, another food server sent snow white a mango juice.  you tried your best to stay calm with what was going on; until you saw the guy in red cap staring at you, yes, you.

the ugly waitress returned, carrying a tissue paper and a pen. she then ask snow white’s number, and at that moment, she will not take no for an answer.  to convince your “date,” she even mentioned that the guy wearing the cap was rich.

snow white then gave his number, took another sip of his free mango juice, and requested you to go home. you and your friend agreed, it was time to end the madness that was happening.

after you bid snow white farewell and while you and your friend walked your way home, you started to get upset. not because of the drink or snow white but what the waitress commented.

she just said that the guy was rich. it was really rude and unpleasant because you were also in the bar to spend money. maybe not to buy snow white a mango juice, but the amount you spend on that night was really something. you were also offended because with the way she said it, she thought of snow white as a commodity – something that someone can buy. though he was cute, for sure he was not something that can fall for a piece of mango juice.

you were proud of snow white because he just opted to leave. tomorrow, you will just tell him to never accept drinks from anyone again. it’s dangerous. you were sad for the guy with the red cap because it made him look desperate – using money just to get something. and you were happy for yourself because you now knew that snow white was not meant for you.

at the end of the day, oh night, whatever, you thought, “sometimes, people can really be jerks.” *roll eyes*


  1. well what else can i say? it's awful when people think of other people as commodities, you got that right. it's also interesting how many think this way.

  2. *PM, yeah, at some point, we all have tendencies to be jerks, one way or the other.

  3. i guess it is just a matter of trying not be a jerk that separates us all.