Monday, January 16, 2012

Favor Bank

i first encountered the idea of a favor bank from paulo coelho’s book zahir. the thought was simple; you have to give favors to people in order to return the favor back. while i was on my way home, this thought suddenly entered my mind. crazy as it may seem, i had this feeling that i really need to write about it. 

a favor bank established trust. they create influence. true enough.

but we are not paulo coelho. we don’t have influence like he have. we are just mere humans who really strive hard to survive a day without worries and angst. though we have connections, sometimes, it’s really hard to rely on it. 

i am not saying that paulo coelho is wrong. but sometimes, i think the best favor bank that we can have is a bank within ourselves. yes, we should also start giving ourselves the favors that it needs. that way, when times get rough and all the favor banks that you established around you suddenly collapsed, you have yourself to rely to.

but, favors are favors. and it will be best if you gave them out without expecting something in return.


  1. correct! you don't do favors to earn them back. it is better to give them out just for the sake of doing it. if it comes back your way then thanks but doing them with the motivation to earn them back is bonkers. that is not a favor but an investment.

    1. haha... love it. embedded comments baby. :)

  2. i agree... sometimes, favors given finds its way to go back to you. :)