Monday, January 2, 2012

Bucket List

since my dear self scheduled post failed (i really don’t know what happened, haha), i am creating a bucket list. it took me a week to finally finalize what i need to do this year. it was really tough. though i know that i should treat this as a challenge in order for me to motivate myself, i have to also work on certain things.

compromise is synonymous with reality. and in my simple, boring and humble life as a regular office employee, i really need to work on things that will definitely work with my schedule, my pay and the other responsibilities that goes along with being a grown up.

i really have to start acting, thinking and deciding as a grown up.

with that being said, here’s the list.

the 10 things i must accomplish in 2012
  1. get new gadgets! – i have three things on my list this year – a laptop, a camera and a blackberry. since i sold my old laptop in exchange of a cow, i need to get a new one. getting my online account hacked really alarmed the hell out of me. this is on top of the things that i need to get this year. i am really not techie, but since i decided to maintain this blog, i badly need it. i really don’t know if i can take good pictures, but getting a camera will really help me. aside from that, i can also post pictures here. that will be sweet. i want a blackberry because i just want to have one. haha.
  2. learn to swim – …and hopefully, i will really learn.
  3. get my own place – i am still searching for that dream abode. haha. unfortunately, it’s really hard looking for a place that will fit my budget and my demands. but, i am still hopeful. for this one, giving up is really not an option.
  4. cook a dish – i really don’t know how to cook. so this will really be a challenge.
  5. go solo backpacking or with one friend only – i got the idea from pm, and it will really be an adventure if i will be able to accomplish this.
  6. finish a meal with fish on itayan na, lumalabas na ang kaartehan ko, haha. i don’t eat fish, and it will be surprising for everyone who knew me that i’ve tried and finish one.
  7. fall in love again – i know. the moment has come.
  8. take my family on a vacation – since i am working here in manila and my folks are everywhere, it will be amazing if even for just one day, we will be enjoying the same view together.
  9. encourage someone to create a blog – i just want someone to have the same experience, that i felt. the moment i started writing again. :)
  10. go back to school – going back to school sounds fun. learning new things is always fun.
i think this will do. it’s doable, workable, achievable and it sounds fun – it also come in lower case. i love everything on lower case. haha

definitely, 2012 is my year. i can feel it (sabay arte ng balikat.)


  1. Must talaga? As in kailangang-kailangan nang i-accomplish? :)

  2. oh wow you made a list too! this really changes everything, i'm glad you did it. i think it would be cool to journey together, you, me, and rob. like that? we can check up on each other from time to time about this list. the two of us did it last year and we accomplished a lot. i'm surprised you don't eat fish. i don't eat veggies. haha. i hope you can encourage someone to blog soon enough. it is fun! cheers to the new year! have a great one!

  3. Hello Elmer, oo naman. bugbugan na ito. :)

    PM, yeah that sounds fun. And its better if we you have someone to do it together.

    I will create another post about me not eating fish. :)

  4. okay, cool then! i just posted my first one. is fallen your first? notify me if you have done another book and i would love to read your thoughts about it!

  5. PM, yeah, Fallen is my first review for the year. :) Definitely, I will. :)

  6. Happy New Year! mukhang ok gumawa din ng bucket list for 2012! Gusto ko ring magtravel at magbackpacking.

  7. Hey Dorm Boy! Happy New Year, yeah, uso ang bucket list ngayon. hahaha... Gawa ka na rin. :)

  8. atleast attainable naman yang mga nasa list mo. gusto ko yang mga nasa list mo. sarap gayahin heheh

  9. Hi Sir Mots, thanks sa pagdaan. yeah, mukhang madaling maattain pero ginagawa ko pa rin ang lahat ng challenging.

  10. healthy living not in your priority? =(

  11. it should be... fit is in ;P