Sunday, April 1, 2012

Something Wicked

By: Evelyn Vaughn

Witchcraft will always be an interesting topic for me. I am big fan of Charmed and the whole power of three thing really stuck with me up to this point.

I got the book for PHP 25.00, isn’t that a steal? Haha.

Something Wicked is a story about brothers and sisters. Katie and Diana are witches while Victor and Ben are identical twins. I will try my best for this not to be confusing. Victor killed Diana; Katie witnessed it, and cursed Ben because Victor used his brother’s name while beating the hell out of Katie.

In the book, curses work in a way that whatever you say will return to you three times, so all the misfortunes that happened to the real Ben, Katie also experienced. Victor also had his own share of accidents; he was nearly killed in his prison cell.

As the story progress, the lack of evidence made Victor free from jail. Katie and Ben also met and discovered that Victor was part of a secret society that was after witches because they believed that the witches kept a grail that hold enormous powers. Katie’s family was one of the keepers and the grail that they possess was one of the strongest – Hekate’s Grail.

However, the one they have was just a replica of an original one. Imagine having a family member killed because of something that is not even worth dying for. Pretty wicked, right?

Then it was a big search for the grail, crossing three European Countries just to find Hekate’s legacy.

The story became more interesting as Katie started embracing who she really is – a witch. The spells were amazing, plot is pretty interesting, and how everything seemed so real will really make you finish the book right away. I just finished the book.

Overall, it’s a cool book. Not that stellar, but if you are into witchcraft, mythology and a lot of history, this is something you must read.

Enjoy reading! :D

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